Free Space
Push and pull , the freedom to make our own spaces with in the four walls of this 420sf apartment.


The amount of space needed for varies functions in our daily life is a personal preference; my concept is to honor such preference. With the movable  storage/wall system, the owner can �custom-made� his/her functional spaces.

My design incorporated the required Resources Furnishing with custom built movable storage walls and hide-able kitchen to maximize openness and provide the freedom of spaces with minimal boundaries. 

In this design, I use the following Resource Furnishings: Queen Space Saving Bed � Nuovoliola for master bed; Queen Space Saving Bed � Penelope for guest bed and Space Saving Table � Goliath as dining, console, and conference Table. For the bathroom, I choose Roca W+W system for its water recycling function that will help conserve water.

All the custom built storage/furniture are made with Recycled wood or formaldehyde free plywood and finished with VOC free paint. All hardware and movable mechanisms are standard off-the-shelf hardware from local home improvement stores or salvage building material depots.

Here are some thoughts I have for this apartment that could minimize the environmental impact:

Flooring: Depends on the condition of existing wood flooring, I would first recommend to reinstall the existing floor over acoustical underlayment; sanding and refinishing floor with water base floor finish. If the floor must be replace, I would use acoustical underlayment under reclaimed hard wood floor from local salvage building material depots.

Walls & Ceiling: Remove all existing wooden walls and ceiling tiles. Replace these surfaces with high recycled content and moisture-mold resistance drywalls, fill cavity with recycled cotton insulations.

Acoustic: Full height wall storage act as sound barrier between apartments; dropped drywall ceiling with recycled cotton insulation infill and wood flooring over acoustical underlayment will reduce sound transmission through ceiling and floor.

Doors: Reuse and refinish of existing doors if possible or purchase reclaimed doors from local salvage building material depots and finish with VOC free paint.

Light & Ventilation: Layout of furniture is parallel to the main ventilation path between windows on opposite walls, creating an ideal case for cross ventilation and maximizes daylight entering the apartment.

Heating: For general spaces, replace existing cast iron radiators with high efficiency wall panel radiators connecting to existing heating lines. For bathroom use towel radiator that connects in to existing heating lines.

Cooling: Use horizontal blinds or solar screens at windows. Increase number of plants in the apartment and place them by the window, open windows for cross ventilation and use portable fans to increase air movement. Sleep on bamboo matting during summer can cool down body temperature. If air conditioner is the preferred cooling method, an energy saving window unit or a mini split system would be most efficient.

Plants: Using low maintenance plants that are proven to improve indoor air quality. Golden Pothos, Snake plant and Spider plant are hardy plants that can be easily obtain from local nursery or transplant from people who already own them. The program called for composting which will be the best source for planting soil. Moreover, Pothos and Spider plants can be plant in water instead of soil which can extend their maintenance interval depends on size of vase. 

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