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The main concept of this project is to offer a maximum of freedom in living by creating a maximum of free and flexible space.

The design consists therefore of three main elements which will provide all the necessary essentials of an contemporary apartment:

  1. Closed kitchen and bathroom.

This space is the only single use area of this project because it contains all the elements of an apartment which need to be connected to the existing pipework for gas and water. Therefore it is reduced to a minimum of space.

  1. Fix but transformable floor.

The rest and the biggest part of the apartment is completely transformable in order to have always a maximum space for the different uses.

The floor is raised to seat height and contains the bed, the lounge, the workshop and multiple storage compartments.

  1. Movable and transformable �tetris wall�

This wall stores all the furniture of this apartment. It runs on rails which are placed in the floor and the ceiling. Each element of this wall (table, guest bunk bed, chairbox, office, wardrobe) can be moved separately or together with the other objects.

By moving the wall or just single parts, the apartment will be structured by Graham in use and space.

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