One space two walls/containers


Let's meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.
The 60's has shown us that multifunctional adjustable and/or folding furniture must be very simple and easy to use. Otherwise nobody uses them or they are left in the same position forever. Therefore I was trying to avoid complicated mechanisms and aim at SPACE & LIGHT.

 People are happier if they can experience space and light .These are the two major factors of this design. One multifunctional interior allows certain space hygiene, no confined spaces are necessary . General simplicity or even minimalism of the design let  you calm your senses in the visual chaos of modern city. Light design is focused on having as much natural light as possible. Therefore, all four windows give light to the interior.

Please see the animation and other visuals for explanation and descriptions.

Bathroom uses Roca water saving system.

more will follow...