Flexible appartment achieved with movable furniture.


Due to the references and tasks given in the brief, and the size of the appartment the main focus of the this proposal is how to accomplish all the tasks and still to maximize the free space (not occupied with furniture or people) inside the appartment.

The appartment will have 2 fixed rooms kitchen and toilet/sauna cause of their installations. The rest will be one big open space that containes "movable cabinets". Each of the cabinets are equiped with scenarios for 2 rooms for example bedroom/guest bedroom office/storage space .......This way it would be achieved cca 30sqm of open space which could accomodate certain functions in the appartment in different period of day/night depending on Graham"s needs

Movable cabinets would be on wheels and depending on living scenario they could be dividing spaces(for sleeping) or put next to the wall in case of non active usage.

By playing with cabinets and their positions it is possible to have a lot of different possibilities of space usage

Cabinets couls be made from "green materials" and will integrate some of the space savers furniture from the Resourse furniture.

updates with plans and renderings coming soon....................