Living in a 630 sf studio with my spouse and two children, I’ve learned that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in a small space.


When things are thoughtfully designed, a feeling of contentment and even luxury can be acheived.  Life is not as much �edited� as it is �contained�.  Everything must have its place, and flexibility is key of course.  A comfortable bed is paramount; an efficient, but functional kitchen a must; and plenty of seating for when friends drop by.  

The design solution is an homage to the box, to reference Joseph Albers� iconic series of paintings.  The original design had a raised loft bed with a lockable owner�s closet, plus bike and clothes storage below.  Based on Graham's comments, the revised design shows a lower platform bed with large lockable drawers below.  Another option here, could be a pull down bed that mounts against the back wall of the bedroom.

A media wall provides considerable storage and is the focal point of the living room.  The living room is lined with built-in seating.  The back cushions can be removed to provide a sleeping surface for two guests, and there are drawers below for extra storage.  A movable ottoman becomes a chaise lounge, or pushed against the wall creates a long bench.  For dining, the amazing �Goliath� expandable table from Resource Furniture can seat 12 or collapse to the size of a console table.

Each space is fully functional and �contained� which lends to the feeling that nothing is missing.  The kitchen and bath can be fully closed off or opened with full height sliding doors.  The bedroom and bath are completely private, with luxurious touches like a steam shower.  The bed never needs to be put away or even made, as it�s completey out of site.  There�s plenty of seating, and even a pull down screen for movie night.  A lot of life will be contained in this space.

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