The proposed space is completely free of furniture, which is concealed under a raised floor.


Total Flexibility updated 12 / 22 / 2010

The proposed space aims for

100 percent space use flexibility . This means that not only this competition's architectural

program will be fulfilled, but also many other scenarios in constant change.

 The apartment layout is conceived with a combination of two main mechanisms: 1. a pneumatic scissor lift floor system located under the floor, and 2. a series of Resource Furniture space saving systems concealed behind and along the walls.

Pneumatic Scissor Lift System

This system is placed under the floor, which is raised at 12� from the finished floor. The resulting height of the apartment is 8�-2�. The system is operated with an air compressor, and allows each floor panel to adjust to different heights from 0 inches to 30 inches. This system allows as many scenarios as imaginable.

Resource Furniture Systems

The proposed systems are the Ullise system for the queen size bed, and the Lollipop system for the stacked twin size beds. Both systems are concealed behind the walls. There is a roll down partition in the ceiling providing  visual privacy in the event that guests stay overnight. The home office area is also a Resource Furniture system and is concealed behind a wall. The home office and work area can be combined with the pneumatic scissor lift panels.


Storage spaces are located throughout the apartment, especially under the floor in the circulation areas. Roomba, Scooba, Strida, foldable chairs, cushions and many other devices can be stored under the floor totaling almost 200 cubic feet under the floor, and 281 over the floor. The total storage area in the apartment is 469 cubic feet. In case of a sublet, the whole apartment can be �emptied� and secured completely.

Space Use Scenarios

An infinite number of scenarios are possible. In this presentation 6 scenarios are included, and they are the space uses requested by the competition brief plus an open space for parties, and an auditorium for movies or Oscars night. In the next presentation there will be more proposed scenarios such as art gallery, teleconference space, fashion show, and others.

Following Steps

The following steps include modeling the space in 3D for better visualization and selecting finishes; further documentation on pneumatic systems, and, as cinematography has taught us recently, an alternate, possible ending to this story.

Thanks for your comments and input.

Jorge Arias