Storage Solution #33 - Jewel Box
A jewel box for the ThinBike and many other things in Graham Hill's apartment.


This is an idea for something that I will use in my floorplan to tackle the issue of storage.

The modular unit takes up approximately 18 sq. ft. of floor space and would be positioned by the entry, on the same wall as the entry door. The entity provides a generous amount of storage space, yet can be opened up to reveal a true industrial work space.

The idea is simple: to group as many related activities as possible into one unit. This one tackles the issue of storage and work space. Following the contest's "jewel box" theme, this is a modern take on traditional complex jewel boxes of the last few centuries.

In this piece, I have combined...
-a garage for the ThinBike
-storage for shoes
-a seat to put them on
-a wardrobe for clothes
-a closet for linens
-a work table
-a roll-out tool chest
-a jewel box of a design in modular form

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!