In the future, not only will cities be more efficient, but the spaces in which we live. Efficient spaces will also mean our need for material things will decline, and according to Treehugger founder, Graham Hill, this will make us happier.

Less, says Hill, is more.

To bring this vision to life, he bought a 420-square-foot apartment in Manhattan with the vision to pack 1,000 square feet of functionality into it, allowing for urban dwellers to reduce their footprint while saving money. Hill and jovoto partnered to crowdstorm his vision to “Live large in small spaces”. The project was a huge success, garnering mentions in the NY Times, Huffington Post, and Mashable. Hill realized the winning design and moved his “little jewelbox” in 2011.

“The contest was to get people thinking about living smaller – and as one of few examples of crowdsourcing architecture, I was nervous! And then… amazed at the many enthusiastic discussions and incredible submissions! jovoto nailed it.” – Graham Hill, CEO, LifeEdited

To discover all the details and results of the crowdstorm, you can download the free case study here.

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