Shopping Bag (R)evolution

Create for LOQI the most impressive shopping bag designs on the streets!

€5,000prize pool

Create for LOQI the most impressive shopping bag designs on the streets!


LOQI is a fashion label founded in 2012. LOQI creates original and stylish reusable products for everyone, focusing on shopping bags. The affordable and stylish shopping bags are an eco-friendly, high quality, long lasting reusable product that contribute to a sustainable environment. OEKO-TEX and INTERTEK certification guarantees that LOQI are produced ethically and without using harmful substances. 

The name LOQI comes from a word play on the Latin word LOCI (meaning locations) and the Chinese word QI (meaning air or life energy). It is a small, light word that reflects the quality of the products. The name is a reminder to use the shopping bags everyday, everywhere to replace throwaway plastic bags and save energy. 


The locations in which the LOQI shopping bags are available range from department stores, museum shops, bookstores, fashion stores, gift and interior stores and online at Merchandisers and corporate clients also use the LOQI products for promotions.

Special prizes

Any design edition that completely outperforms sales numbers will receive addtional 2,000 EUR. jovoto will check the sales number with LOQI every six months.


LOQI's aim is to revive the shopping bags into a “must have” product. The current classic collection is romantic and conservative in tone. The new lines should be fresh, quirky and artistic designs never seen on this segment of the market!

Task Definition

Create for LOQI the most impressive shopping bag designs on the streets!

Your task is to come up with a collection of 4 unique designs for the shopping bags that work harmoniously together. Whilst designing please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All you need to design is the template of the shopping bag (see materials).
  • Your designs should include the latest trends. Themes may include but are not limited to graffiti, 3D prints, optical illusions, black and white, geometric shapes, nature, illustrations, pop-art, irony, comics. Further creative themes are welcome.
  • The maximum number of colours is 8 however simple 2 colour designs are also appreciated due to lower production setup costs. 
  • The front and back of the shopping bag can be designed differently.
  • The LOQI logo does not need to be incorporated into the artwork.

Target Group

The target group is 20 to 45 years with a high trend awareness and appreciation of good design. Creative and mobile, they make environmentally friendly choices and say no to accumulating stuff and using throwaway products. Spoiled by an abundance of offbeat design gadgets they are searching for functional affordable products with an individual design twist. 


LOQI would like to give you the freedom of creativity; we do not want to restrict you in any way so there are no specifications regarding the tonality of your design.

Mandatory requirements

  • LOQI will use your design for the shopping bags and on additional LOQI textiles. But please only show your designs on the shopping bags (see template in the materials).
  • In case your idea is licensed all graphics MUST be available as vector files which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours. AI or EPS files are accepted. Whist vector is preferred, it is possible to supply a photoshop file (CS5.1 or below), 300dpi of actual size, which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours.
  • Percentages of colour: 50-90% of a colour will not be deemed as an extra colour.
  • The shopping bags are printed on polyester using the sublimation technique which allows for a brilliance of colour. The laser etched steel rollers used for printing enable printing fine lines, the minimum line thickness is of 0,5 mm. 
  • The base material is polyester in white. Due to the slightly transparent nature of the material, large white areas and designs with white as the prime base colour do not work well on the bags. Strong colour contrasts work well.
  • It is extremely important that you DO NOT USE any any stock-illustrations or images. Only submit designs for which you own the full copyright or image rights.
  • The following elements may not feature in your design:
    • Weapons
    • Skulls and crossbones
    • Sexist insinuations and any kind of nudity
    • Anything that glorifies violence

Usefull links

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Dear Community,

It was so great to sign on and to see you guys getting started straight away!

Just a few important points before we get into full swing:

  1. Please make sure, when visualizing your ideas that you use the NEW Shopping Bag Template that is given under the Materials section in the briefing. Show us what it looks like on the bag!

  2. Note that the briefing asks for a series, or "a family" of 4 designs.

Each design series should work harmoniously together but each separate design should be different from one another. That means a change in color should not be the only difference between the 4 designs.

  1. It is EXTREMELY important that you use your designs only. Please, no stock material!

Keep these things in mind and we'll be right on track! Looking forward to all your great designs :-)

How get my digital drawing in the template?

Kind regards, osg

One question: There are to use max. 8 colours for all four bags? Or 8 colours for one bag and then i can use other 8 colors for the twice...third....fourth bag?

Best regards Karin

Hi karinfriedli, It is 8 colours maximum per bag. So you can use other 8 colors for the further bags.

you fail to tell us important information like whether we can colour the inside of the bag, or if it must stay natural white base colour. you also fail to tell us if the patterns on the front and back continue onto the sides of the bag, and if they can be matched at the seam. tell us if there is a side seam and if so where it is.

typical failure in writing the brief, and of course the incapable jovoto community doesn't have the basic graphic design skills to even ask such questions.

oh you are right. That might be good questiens if you would ask politely. Would you try it again, please, I am sure you get it. Thanks.

Hi teigan,

use the template attached to the briefing and create a design only for the front and the backside. You don't have to design the inside of the bag.

The bag is made of two piece, there are no sides.

If your design looks better when the both sides match at the seam, it is of course very welcome.

thanks britta. so is the inside of the bag always natural white? are the back and front sides stitched or fused together?

also, what is the texture of the bag? is it smooth and glossy? or is there an inherent woven texture that makes a satin finish?

The texture of the bag is a smooth satin finish. The sides of the bags are stitched together. The material is white in its original state however the sublimation print goes right through the fabric so the inside is also coloured.

Sorry, but a deep monitoring would be great. ;-)

Hey again :-)

T o give an example of what the client considers a series, or a family of designs, we just added a new pdf in the Materials section of the briefing.

Please make sure you submit 4 different designs within a series. It's also a important to upload them all together in one submission entry.


The template I downloaded yesterday was called TemplateShoppingBag_original.PDF and it had this message in it: "PLEASE EXTEND YOUR ARTWORK TO THE 4 SIDES OF THIS PAGE"

Now the template is called BAGtemplateNEW_original.PDF and no longer has that message.

Can you clarify what's going on, please ? Thank you.

Dear FlorinDia,

Thanks for asking! – We added the new template to be 100% precise of the shape. In the new template you see one bag to create a collection of 4 unique designs.

Yours Jesko

even the cheapest disposable plastic shopping bags have pleats built in to allow the contents to expand the bottom of the bag. if LOQI bags lack any way of expanding other than stretching, then the weight of contents at the top of the bag will be funneled down to contents at the bottom of the bag thus crushing these items. it also puts undue stress at the bottom seam of the bag. most noticeably, the bag won't stand up on its own. and they expect me to pay for something that functions worse than what most stores give away for free?

LOQI is one of the best quality on the market. The bags are tested to hold 20 kilos but a testing in Japan done on all imported shopping bags tested LOQI up to 100kg. Here the link to the test: The pattern for the bag is all one piece so even if the seam at the bottom opens the bag cannot break because it is one piece of material. There is no gusset at the bottom of the bag.

showing that test is very misleading. the test procedure used a static(unmoving) load. in real life, we need the bag to carry a dynamic load as we walk. they also failed to report the duration of time the bag was put under stress. any bag can hold 100kg for a minute. but could you carry it home without the same bag tearing?

i've illustrated here by britta's guidance, why the shape of the LOQI bag needs to be revised-

notice the bag shape is okay for carrying a newspaper or maybe a folded sweater. but for things you buy more often like daily groceries, the bag shape is extremely awkward and ultimately unusable.

Dear teigan,

thanks for your thoughts and feedback on the product design itself. Please have a look at the comment above.

Yours Jesko

the comments above don't address the fact that the bag can't flatten at the bottom and thus can't stand up on its own. you will also end up with the bottom corners pinching out in an unattractive way when the bag is expanded.

One last question: Which Pantone-Colourpattern have i to choose? I have the choice between Pantone solid coated, Pantone solid uncoated, Pantone + CYMK coated or uncoated,.. Thank you for your effort and your response.

Dear karinfriedli,

I´d suggest to work with pantone solid coated for the submission itself. I think for the clients choice idea we can give you exact information of the mandatory file to hand it over to the client according to the specific design. (Some designs might be printed in 4c – another design might be better with up to 8c, depending on the artwork and colours you use)

Hope this answers your question.

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko Thank you for the fast & helpful response! Now i can tint my project. :-)

Hi Jesko, the bashing and voting behaviour in this contest is realy realy bad. :-[

Agree. I made an new version. But I´m out now!

Dear Mika!

We´ll defenetly have a look. And be sure we´ll filter all unfair ratings until the end of the rating period.

Yours Jesko

Dear All,

here´s some first in between client feedback:

• Thanks a lot for talking part and your submissions! • There are lots of floral designs now, what about thinking of geometrical designs, shapes, black and white designs? • Please think now in a direction and tonality of "intelligent, brave, humorously, unique" • Be couraged! What about yourself being an ARTIST and create your own collection?

Yours Jesko

Hi Jesko,

thanks for these suggestions from the client. Will work on this this week. Please be sure to check unfair ratings again, as it looks like the bashing behaviour reached a new level. THX!

Greetings, Marie

Yes indeed. Marie is right. Thanks for the client feedback and keep an eye on the voting behaviour pretty pls. It will be the same as it was at victorinox.....ungly... Nice day!

Auch ... I also felt that with the voting .. 0__0

i'll upload a edgy design next days

Dear Community,

We had our official half time talk with the LOQI yesterday and we’ve got some feedback for you to push your ideas and really get on track in the last half of the project. So let’s get started!

  • Many of the ideas have a conservative or romantic style that already exist in the LOQI product lines. The briefing for this task is something different. What LOQI is looking for is something bold, edgy and fresh!

  • Think about something different for the bags such as Pop Art, graffiti, illustrations, bold black and whites or mosaics. Geometric patterns in 3D would also work well.

  • A lot of the series have only 1 strong design instead of 4 or the designs in the series are too similar. Please make sure there are at the least 2 strong and different designs and each is in differing colour ways. Best case all 4 designs are equally as strong!

  • White can be used but not as the base colour of the bag or in large areas. When being printed, strong contrasting colors work very well. Contrast is your friend!

INSPIRATION For a great dose of inspiration, the client is totally wowed by both of the Victorinox projects! Breeze through the first pages of the ranked ideas. Of course, we don’t mean copy these designs but check out what’s working and how. Don’t be affraid to put those bold designs and colors on your LOQI bag just because it’s a bigger space. Fresh is fresh!

Now it’s time to be bold and rock the socks off this project! And push your desings to the max! Let’s see what we can do!

Hey, I want just to ask are there any minimums for the size and the quality (pixels and so) of the picture itself?

What is the software you are using?

In a vector program (like Illustrator) it doesn't matter. It is always ok. In Photoshop I would suggest 300 dpi or more.

Thanks a lot . I use photoshop but could you tell me 72 or 130 pixels per inch are equal to 300 dpi. Of course that's a bit stupid question but I would be grateful if you help a bit : )))

Does it have to be only 8 colors?

Hey Anna! Nice to have you here :-) The briefing states, "The maximum number of colours is 8 however simple 2 colour designs are also appreciated due to lower production setup costs." Thanks!

Where are all of the bold black & whites? Just a little reminder this is also a great direction to go into, let's see you rock it!

I just updated my renewables set as black and white :)

over 7 years ago

Hi Jess! There might be a problem with uploaded pictures... There´s no preview at this moment.

It's the same person. Changed now Ratings and Avatarpicture. I have seen it!

Hey there, Thanks for keeping a lookout, but please contact the project guide, me in this case, directly rather than posting it under the briefing. Thank you, Jess

Hey there!

We're having a little technical trouble with the upload at the moment but don't worry, you can still upload. Once you've uploaded and it says "encoding" you wont have to upload again. We're working on it and it'll be running smoothly soon!

Thanks for your patience :-) Best, Jess

Hallo Jess, Euer newsletter gab als submission deadline den 18.4.2013 an. Als ich eben Ideen einreichen wollte, sehe ich den 16.4. als deadline und keine Option mehr zur Einreichung. Welches Statement ist korrekt? Können noch Ideen angenommen werden? und falls JA, wie / wo kann ich sie hochladen? Grüße Subconny

Sorry for the mix-up- The 16th is the correct date, the submission period is officially closed. I apologize if this caused any inconvenience!

Please watch the incorrect voting !

yes i got bashed hard too :/

another one:

maracrisa. its obvious.. please stop that and play fair

Hi pointsnpixels, Please send me a private message when you find a community member with unfair rating behavior. Also, please make sure a community member's Karma is above 150 or not on already on global false because their votes aren't considered. I'll be doing monitoring today! Thanks, Jess

And maracrisa won despite the unfair voting...speechless...


Thanks to everyone in the community for devoting so much of their time to this project and creating such great input into the LOQI collection. Two collections will be be licensed for release in June but we would like to choose more from this selection in the near future and/or come back again soon fro another competition. Thank you from the LOQI team in Berlin!


thanks belinda for your kind words! =)

It was a great pleasure and challenge being part of this project!!! Thanks Belinda to you guys too for believing in this community and giving them the chance to create something extraordinary / unique :)

P.S. I could imagine at least 20 ideas to be licensed, so-so many great work delivered :)

Hey there,

As another thank you, LOQI was lovely enough to give us 20 LOQI shoppers to give away to submitters in this project!

The first 20 people, who submitted an idea, to send and email to contact(at) will get the chance to walk around their town with a LOQI shopping bag!

Don't forget to include your name, jovoto user name & home address!

Good luck and thanks again for all of your great work :-)

hope i was fast enough ^^

lol it seems I`m 4 days late

Hey there! You have until May 2nd to give it a shot, to see if you make into the 20 or not :-) Best, Jess

2 May has been no news who got bags?=)

Dear Community, Many great designs here, thanks for all your participation :-) Congrats on another great project- checK! Best, Jess

congratulate all the winners!!!!!

congrats to the other winners =) this was a great contest! curoius to see the clients choice than

Let´s have a look at the client´s choice!

Congrats! to the winners.. :)

Congrats to all the winners, well done :)))))

over 7 years ago

Congratulations to all the lucky winners! But I really like to know which kind of designs will be realised.


Congratulations to the winners, also to all the participants, creators of fantastic ideas!! a lot of great woks here!!!

Wonderful works! Congratulations to the winners!

Hi, Any word from the client?

Any news? Realy interested in the results because of the amouth of great subissions in here! :-))))

Hey there, We will get back to you with the news as soon as we can!! Thanks :-)

Dear jovotans,

we proudly announce the Client's Choice winners! The winner isssss two times hinatao with her ideas M and tutti frutti.

Congratulations hinatao!!!

Thank you so much jovoto team...=D

hey sam, big congrats!

Hey everyone,

Great news! The client decided to license another idea!

Congratulations to maracrisa, for the idea Jungle.

Hope to see it on a LOQI bag soon ;) Best, Jess