Nature & Season shapes - UPDATED
Take naturewith you, for the whole year!


Hi, this stamps are about nature, and I tried to insert them into the 4 seasons. In order to do this, I have to work with colors, trying to express the season not only with colors, but also with the relative shape. 

- color: Blue. I put some red that sugested a warming
- shape: squared, closed.  
- nature symbol: Fish, that suggest´s water and cold.
- color: Pink and Purple
- shape: round
- nature symbol: a flower, that suggest´s life recriating itself.
- color:  yellow and green
- shape: oval, round
- nature symbol: a butterfly, symbolizing happyness and freedom.
- color: browns
- shape: something that refer to a leaf
- nature symbol: chameleon, that habits in threes and remains them changes.

Let me know what you think about :)

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