what else is a bag but a kind of text-ile?


Textus; a Latin one- routes for the English text, the French texte, the German Text, the Italian testo, the Polish tekst, the Slavic ?????, the Spanish texto which refer both to the act of writing as well as to the act of weaving forming text-iles. Here using a single writing character and its opposite (rotated from its original by 180 degrees) I weave I write an infinitive possible number of text-iles/bags. I limited myself to four to meet the brief. The idea derived by our clients original conception to present them self through etymology.

Every text is a subject to multiple readings. We; as readers, in every act of reading what we do is to unweave what the writer weave together. Our success lies to find the Mito of Ariadni (to find the beginning of the yarn in a skein).

Every bag of the series Textus designed for LOQI challenge the viewer/reader to find the initial intentions of the weaver/writer/designer; to unweave what was weaved together. The unintended but welcomed illusionist effect of transparency reinforce my original ambition by  adding one more level of reading. From an effort to comprehended of what is the text-ile made of to what is hidden in it and back to the text-ile its self.              

At last what else is a bag but a kind of text-ile?