Four bag designs depicting FOUR SEASONS and FOUR TEMPERAMENTS of human personality traits.


Basic idea of SEASON SENSITIVES design is to connect a certain season with a certain type of temperament and character of personality, along with the suitable color that we found descriptive for both, the season and the temperament in question. 

The goal is to offer four designs that would appeal to different sorts of people and be suitable for various occasions.

 The designs we offer are named: Melancholic Winter, Sanguine Summer, Phlegmatic Spring and Choleric Autumn. 

Each of the designs is represented with a drawing of a person ( a woman) , different details representing the season in question and the coloring within the family of suitable colors.

MELANCHOLIC WINTER - is represented with  a brunette girl of neutral expression, wearing cloths that should insinuate the Winter season. The color we found suitable for both, Winter and Melancholic temperament is BLUE, so it dominates on this example. The details like snow flakes and an owl are adding to the layers of the design.

PHLEGMATIC SPRING - presents a blond girl with a serenity in her expression. Her clothes, as well as other details (flowers, clover, ladybug)  around her represent the Spring season, and the dominant color is PASTEL PURPLE - for we found that it is vibrant enough for the spring, and peaceful enough for the phlegmatic type of personality.

SANGUINE SUMMER - is presented by a drawing of a woman, with wild and curly hair, whose appearance should insinuate the warmth of the Summer, as well as the brightness of sanguine character. The dominant  color we chose is YELLOW, and generally the warm  family of colors.

CHOLERIC AUTUMN - shows a girl with charismatic and sharp features, while the dominant color adding to her character is RED. We also found this color to be most representative for the Autumn season,  along with the details of the design (red-brown leaves, squirrel...etc.)