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Design the new LOQI shopping bag collection!

Your task is to come up with the most outstanding and exciting shopping bag designs on the market for LOQI. Design a range of four unique “must have” designs for the shopping bags that work harmoniously together. Include the latest trends from graffiti to optical illusions, geometric shapes, pop art, irony and comics - everything is welcome, everything is possible!


LOQI? Who is that?

The Berlin based fashion label LOQI was founded in 2012. It is about bringing a higher level of value to simple affordable reusable products for every one, every day. The stylish shopping bags are an eco-friendly, high quality, long lasting reusable product that contribute to a sustainable environment. The cooler the bag designs, the more people will make the change from single-use to reuse.


What you can win:

  • Total prize monies of 2,000 EUR for the favorite collections chosen by the jovoto Community!
  • Two client‘s choice awards à 1,000 EUR for the favorite collections chosen by the client including the license fee for those two ideas.

Awarded ideas