Design a Bag

LOQI is your design's ticket to travel far and wide.

€5,000prize pool

LOQI is your design's ticket to travel far and wide.


The LOQI product portfolio has expanded since the founding in end of 2012 in Berlin. Reusable bags. Luggage covers. Zip pockets. Eco-friendly. Affordable. Extremely good looking. The LOQI brand is playful, just a little bit crazy and fully in love with the small things in life.

LOQI climbed the mountains of Romania. Stumbled through the streets of Tokyo. Got lost in London and buzzed in Berlin. They’ll do just about anything to hunt down a LOQI artist to design their products. 

LOQI collaborates with designers from around the world to bring you a wide range of the most original designs possible. Why: not only are they committed to being eco-friendly and affordable, they want their bags to appeal to people from the most different ends of the spectrum. The more people who like the LOQI bags, the more people will practice reuse, the better off we will all be tomorrow.

The first cooperation with jovoto in 2013 was a huge success. The new competition is your chance to feature on as one of the LOQI designers on their ARTISTS page online.

Now distributed in more than 20 countries, the LOQI bag is your ticket to travel far and travel wide with your design. It’s a great way to make your mark!


Create a new and appealing bag collection 2014 for LOQI. The new lines should be fresh, unique and artistic! The aim is to increase purchases with the aid of outstanding designs.

Special prizes

Any design edition that completely outperforms sales numbers will receive addtional 2,000 EUR. jovoto will check the sales number with LOQI every six months.

Task Definition

Design the new LOQI bag collections for 2014! 

Your task is to come up with 4 unique bag designs that work harmoniously as a collection. See examples of 12 different collections here. You will notice that each collection has its own theme and name. Each bag is intrinsically different yet still works together as a collection.

Leave a lasting impression by using the entire bag. 

Design the new collection include the following guidelines:

  • You need to fill the whole template of the bag with your design (see template for presentation).
  • Submit a design series of FOUR designs
  • Themes may include but are not limited to graffiti, 3D prints, optical illusions, black and white, geometric shapes, illustrations, pop-art, irony, comics and more.
  • The maximum number of colours is 8 however simple 2 colour designs are also appreciated due to lower production setup costs. Repeat patterns are welcome.
  • The front and back of the bag can be designed differently and the artwork can be extended into the handles.
  • The LOQI logo does not need to be incorporated into the artwork.

Target Group

Young people, fashionistas, pragmatists, silver agers, teenagers, mums and dads, lohas, tourists. People that like to spend their money on the good things in life. And for those fun-filled days, they need a LOQI bag to lug their loot around. Blending into the background is the last thing they want. Instead, they prefer to stand out from the crowd and exhibit their personal style. The possibilities of the LOQI collection enable them to combine the necessity of carrying a bag with their desire to look fashionable as they move about town.


LOQI gives you the freedom of creativity. They believe good design and colourful prints lift our spirits! The brand’s upbeat spirit is reflected in its new corporate design, including a new logo and typeface. 

Mandatory requirements

  • LOQI will use your design for the bags and on additional LOQI textiles. Please only show your designs on the bags (see template for presentation). 
  • For the case that your idea gets licensed all graphics MUST be available as vector files which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours. AI or EPS files are accepted. Whilst vector is preferred, it is possible to supply a photoshop file, 300dpi of actual size, which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours.
  • For the final printing your design has to be available on the printing template (see materials).
  • Percentages of colour: 50-90% of a colour will not be deemed as an extra colour.
  • The bags are printed on polyester using the sublimation technique which allows for a brilliance of colour. The laser etched steel rollers used for printing enable printing fine lines, the minimum line thickness is 0,5 mm. 
  • The base material is polyester in white. Due to the slightly transparent nature of the material, large white areas and designs with white as the prime base colour do not work well on the bags. Strong colour contrasts work well.
  • It is extremely important that you DO NOT USE any stock-illustrations or images. Submission including any stockmaterials will be deleted.
  • Only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights. 

Useful links

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Mhm...sound interesting......again. :) SAMANTHA! I'm curious! ;D

Is there any additional commission per bag sold? How many are they planning to produce per bag? Because honestly... €250 per licensed bag is too little, and the project doesn't really dazzle us with decent community winners, either.

Dear Cross the lime!

There are two Client´s Choice awards with 1000€ each. We learned that designs created at jovoto and promoted by LOQI have high chances to become become top-sellers and LOQI wants to share the benefit of a great selling design with the designer with an additional €2000 award for the best selling bag.

But 1000€ is for a series of 4 bags, so €250 per bag. Instead of going for a 50:50 chance of making an additional €2000, wouldn't it make more sense to have two client choices of 2000€ each? And if at all possible, add some more community prizes.

The contest is awesome, creative... but just very, very little money for spec work.

Hi CrossTheLime,

LOQI is a small company and we entered a ton of risk, too in order to make this project happen at all as we will only create revenue if the designs sell really well . More designs might licensed depending on the projects outcome.

Cool ! Good luck to All from Poland ❤

Oh yeah! Last year I couldn´t fully participate, leaving many orphans ideas in my head, now is the time... all aboard!!!

Hey everyone!

Last year was such a hit, I'm so looking forward to guiding this project again- I know there will be TONS of great designs, they've already started flowing in!

Just a few important tips for those of you who weren't with us for the project last year:

  • When submitting, this project is about A COLLECTION of designs. That means a series of 4 DIFFERENT designs which belong to the same family of designs. Take a look at the current LOQI collection here for some great examples!

  • Please present your work on this template!

  • Your files MUST be available as vector files! (See Mandatory Requirements for more details)

  • PLEASE, NO STOCK MATERIAL! Any ideas submitted with stock material will be deleted.. which isn't fun for anyone. So PLEASE only submit material that you own the FULL rights to and everyone will be happy :-)

Sooo, with those very important things mentioned, I'm sure this project is going to be fantastic and most important, so much fun!

Thanks, Jess!

Hello. I have a question. This month is very busy month in Asia as the Chinese New Year approaching by the end of the month. I also have quite a lot of stuff at the moment. But, I also want to participate in this project. Since this project required us to design 4 different design. Can i send it one-by-one in that period submission of 28 days? Or i must send all 4 design at once?


Hello dear Leonard, Surely we would absolutely love to see your designs one after the other as you work! That's what most participants will do too.. Go for it, we're really curious to see your start!

well i first save my idea with one design upload (one bag) and than i work it out and upload the other three one by one.. thats what the most people do here i think ^^ good luck leonard!

Why not have a CDR file to submit for print? . Vector file CDR is currently the best, better than EPS and AI. I think I need to be to make all files and CDR vector format. CDR is a typical vector file!.Pdf it must be because we have different programs.Adobe can not be the sole monopoly because they are working on different programs. Good luck from Poland .

Adobe is more convenient package for illustrations) PDF opens in a vector and it is very convenient! CDR only for Corell if I am not mistaken) This format has a number of limitations) especially gradients) much less supporting scripts, templates and finished pieces)

Corel also opens pdf vector! Each program has the source files and therefore, each file must be possible to send. The primary vector file in the world is SVG, CDR, and only the third AI. Scientists have calculated that the most accurate math program vector is Inscape and write SVG, strange but true! It is true that there is no pantone Inscape but apparently has greater accuracy than Adobe!. In Poland it is possible to send all the files SVG, CDR, AI, PDF, EPS..We work on different programs and not just on Adobe and you have to be open to all on each file to send. Thank you G-Sasha for dialogue and for answer ! Good luck to You and All from Poland !

Thanks. I will work with one first. It may take some time to complete all 4 design.

Hello Jess!

is it ok if my design contains an illustration of a grenade / gun or a bullet? i have a comic book theme going on, and i think is going to look cool. Is it somehow offensive?

Thanks for checking in with us first, maracrisa. We think that those images, in a comic style would not be offensive. Best, Jess

Hi Jess, how many collections can be present? But I took two other ideas.

Good question! In this project, everyone can submit up to 10 collections. Best, Jess

Hi Jess! I have one question: can we use 8 colors for each bag or for the complete series? 4x 8 different colors or 4x 8 Same colors?

ramona, as i know 8 colors each bag

Ah! Very good! Thank you Christin! :)

my question would be if black and white also count as colours? well i counted them ^^

And just wondering - gradients won't work, right? I think quite a lot of designs are currently disregarding the printing process...

We'll ask LOQI so we get precise answers for you!

Okay, we've got some final answers for you :-)

@Denkdifferent- you can have 8 different colors per bag. @ChristinWeller- Black is counted as a color, white is not. @CrossTheLime- Right, gradients will not work.

Best! Jess

Thank you Jess :) Don't they print with white color on the bag? I know - the material is white, but if I want a very opaque white tone, than white is also a printcolor. :D

Back to your question, after our last client feedback, we found out, some gradients are possible- so you can use them, and in the event LOQI wants to print the idea, they will have to just make sure with the printer that it will work with a high quality file.

Hi Jess, question. Can I submit more than one collection that have the same pattern, but the colors have changed around? Hope that makes sense. Thanks

Dear designbymargaret,

thanks a lot for asking!

• If you just change colors please put it together in one submission as a variation or option II.

Yours Jesko

Dear creatives,

It's great that after only the first week you've already submitted 102 ideas, thanks a lot! And to continue on the right track, we had our first little feedback round with LOQI.

Have a look at the existing collection here and compare your idea. Do you find it similar?

Go for young, fresh and exciting ideas that LOQI hasn't seen before!

That's it for now! We'll be back with another half time feedback soon :-) Until then, show us your fresh and awesome styles!

Best, Jess

Hello! I'm having a problem with editing my work. I can't delete some of my designs. So i posted 9/10 designs but i have wanted to replace one by posting another one and they both stay uploaded. So now i'm having 10/10 deigns on one project,and I need to upload one more picture. Can anybody help me??

You can only delete individual pictures within 24 hours - most of us add one "old stuff" pic in between, then arrange the old stuff to the bottom/ right. There is no limit on the number of picture you can enter per idea, as far as I know - the 10 limit is only the number of ideas you can hand in.

Hi GajskiKarlo, Would you like me to take down the last slide, which is doubled? Thanks CrossTheLime for your help! She is right, you can only delete a submission within 24 hours of upload- after, that time, you can ask the project guide to take down. You are indeed welcome to uploading as many attachments as you'd like within each idea, the number 10 refers to the amount of ideas you can submit in total. And a great suggestion as well- often if you develop your work, you can put in a slide that explains "" this way, others can still see your development but helps structure what your final ideas are. Just let us know if you have any other questions, you are also welcome to private message me. Best wishes, Jess

Yes,colud you please take it down. Thank you for helping me.

Hi, excuse me. i have a question. I wanted to submit an idea but the design is based on ink drawings and i'm not quite sure if i'm able to translate them into vectors. So, why do you say? i take the opportunity or isn't the right project for me? thanks for your time.

Dear Solias,

thanks for asking!

Please keep in mind that the final resultion for printing your design needs to be 420 x 500mm in 300dpi. If you can provide this, go for it! = )

Best from Berlin!

Yours Jesko

Have you tried an image trace yet? I find most drawing can still be vectorized, if the initial resolution is great enough and you can fiddle with the trace afterwards.

Solias ! Top of vector drawing ink done. Try zwektoryzować drawing ink in any program. This is a good method and can be done tryin do with drawing ink on the vector.I'm just thinking. Good luck !

Dear All,

looking at your great work here – please keep in mind:

• Before you start working choose if you will work in vectors or pixel. • Of course in vectors you can scale it t any mandatory size • For working in pixels please make sure that you will be able to provide your great work in high revolution (300dpi) in 420 x 500mm for printing. It would be a pity if you do a great design but will not be able to scale it to the mandatory size in the end for printing.

Yours Jesko

Have you had a chance to check how gradients are handled? Imho, working in pixels doesn't make all that much sense when reducing an image to 8 colors... but it really depends on the printing specs.

Have found my answer! No gradients. :)

Hi CrossTheLime, After our last client feedback, we found out, some gradients are possible- so you can use them, and in the event LOQI wants to print the idea, they will have to just make sure with the printer that it will work with a high quality file.

hey guides, will there be a halftime feedback soon?

You've got a good sense of timing! Yes, we had the call today and it should be up, latest tomorrow afternoon. Best, Jess

Dearest Community,

We just had our official LOQI half time feedback! Let's here what they had to say:

  • It's important that you don't use the LOQI logo within your designs.

  • If you look at the LOQI collections you'll see that many animal designs have already been printed. Please try a new source of inspiration for your further designs.

  • Also while looking at the existing collection, make sure your design is not too similar and going in it's own unique direction from the previous collections.

  • Think unisex!

  • As far as gradients go, some can be printed. Therefore, you can include them and if LOQI is thinking of printing your design, they will ask the printer if it is possible to print your specific design.

  • Your collections should be made of 4 different. Please don't just change the colors of one design.

For a jolt of inspiration, definitely check out LOQI's Pinterest design inspiration board:

There is just under 2 weeks left and with these couple of important hints, we're sure it's in the bag ; ) Gogogo!

thanks for the clarification!

You're welcome :-)

Thanks for the half-time feedback! Really straight to the point! Now, with less than a week, let see how i can develop mine to a better one!

Jess, need your help. Never worked with PMS/Pantone. Can I send files in illustrator plus Jpeg file with cmyk codes? Or what to do?

Dear irina641,

its quite simple actually. You just have to select the colors you want to work with. If you use pantone colors just have a look at the pantone color library in illustrator.

If you need more detailed information about working with colors in illustrator, just have a look here:

Yours Jesko

irina ! AI file is a source file automatically read so illustrator pantone colors. You have a window - pantone color palette choice of many pallets'' C'''' U'' etc.. Choose one pallet and 8 pantone color and make the project. You can do the project 8 pantone color swatches that you are using. It's the easiest way. In addition to the tools you'' pipete to check the color'' Roll pipette for each color, and you are given the pantone and numbers typed in that color. so I think. Pantone colors automatically for viewing on a computer, converted to RGB. Only the source file vector, etc.. open directly such as Adobe or Corel will show the original colors of pantone.CMYK colors are set as basic and as they leave. To do pantone colors do not have to manipulate and eliminate CMYK. Do Pantone palette and save the file AI and everything. Adobe Illustrator will automatically show the Pantone.. Uff :) So I think that the easiest way to do ! Good luck from Poland .

Jess ! why a dozen or so projects will not open after sending ? is probably a bug in the system because the projects can be seen on the icons on the page to send.

Hey there! Today we decided with LOQI that we will prolong this project for one more week since there aren't that many designs that LOQI will be able to realize. LOQI will send us a final feedback for the last week. As soon as we have it, we will publish it here!

Further we're having a little technical trouble with the upload at the moment. No worries! Once you've uploaded and it says "encoding" you don't have to upload again. Our devs are working on it!

Hi dear Britta!!! Great to know it!!! Now it's 4:15 am and I was like crazy updating my Cosmic Flower!!! hahaha... I was about uploading the slides and see this one more week news!!! Thanks!!! Great to see you around!!! :)

Thanks Britta ! Good luck from Poland

Hello Britta! ok! good to know! Now we can all enjoy our coffee!


Hi all, it's great to hear that the deadline is extended :)

Hi! When is the final feedback will be posted?

How are we doing on the feedback? Sorely needed - I don't want to further develop ideas that are off the map.

i miss the feedback? :(

Hi there, Sorry about that, we didn't manage a final feedback for the last week- there was some confussion between final feedback review and final feedback for the last week (before the project closed). We will have a final review this week and as soon as we have any idea about the Client's Choices we will let you know! Best, Jess

Oh! and is a problem as well with deleting some of the old images uploaded. I've tried to clean some of the uploaded designs and it doesn't work. Maybe the development elves can solve this as well. :D

uploaded images can only be deleted in 24 hours

uf....sorry! yah! you are right! thank you for the reminder, I totally forgot about that!

Hi maracrisa, You can send me a private message and let me know which ideas/attachments you would like deleted. Remember to be specific! Best, Jess

7 more days to upload ideas??? thaught it is over today?

well its a question of interpretation ;) they dont wanna buy any designs yet so they need one more week... for me it sounds more bad than good =D

Good news! Because i find that there are many potential ideas, but either design one or two bags, or still missing one bag for the required 4 bags! For those who still haven't complete all 4 bags, please appreciate this rare extended opportunity! Complete all 4 bags with the best!

Hi guys.. Actually Its not bad to have seven more days, There are potential ideas among the submitted artwork as to my opinion but the platform of artists is little compared to other JOVOTO competitions.

Usually a client wishes to see hundreds of designs which means he have more liberty and options to catch a successful selling one. Although in this extra weeks the submissions might or might not bring a better choice but it will bring more ideas definitely

I strongly believe that the low prize figure has turned away many high level artists. Its true that an artist shouldn't concentrate on profit but come on guys, any artist can make a fair play challenge and throw days on a design so if they lose its ok but if they wint a 1000 euros is nothing these days.

I think the tag prize drove many strong competitors away.. hope I am wrong

Hi there,

As Bastian mentioned above, LOQI is a small company and we entered a ton of risk too in order to make this project happen at all as we will only create revenue if the designs sell really well. More designs might licensed depending on the projects outcome.

Looking forward to all the more great designs coming in! Best, Jess

let's rock that last week ^^

you can't compare jovoto with normal graphic jobs where you definitely get paid.. its more a game of chance and its a place to upgrade your skills and get feedback for what you do. so don't only look at the money.. the impulse to take part here is more to have my bags in the loqi store and seeing others run around with my design ^^ that would be more than cool. so good luck to all competitors =)

Absolutely right.. As for me The fame and satisfaction is worth a lot more than material, however the issue still stands coz bigger names are harder to attract. Lets make this week unforgettable for LOQI and Jovoto as well.

Lets show thousands of followers, millions of consumers and hundreds of potential JOVOTO clients what a community design works stand for:

We are JOVOTO'S hidden musketeers:

We are talented people We are from all directions and places We are creative and daring We are artistically polite ( as all the submissions shows) We are strong in ideas We are powerful in harmony We are clever in brief reading We are Hungry for success

So lets us make this last week a true challenge, lets think out of the box, read the brief again and help each other tune our artwork to perfection

As for me I will make new ideas that will rock the scene ( I hope )and challenge others

Lets line up behind JOVOTO and the only way to thank them for being our front line promoter is by shaking the box and throwing out the unexpected.

Thank you all JOVOTO people for being there and for believing in us

A big thank you

Dear Al Sinno and dear Christin!

thanks for your open words, discussion and smart sense of humor! = )

As mentioned before these are the rules for this project – expanding a project should and will always be an exeption.

Please be sure the team and me are talking your needs and concerns serious. – It´s in our interest and focus to create fair and appreciating conditions for you creatives as well as a good balance for the clients budget.

Lets have a great final spurt in this project, together!

Best from Berlin! Yours Jesko

:) haha :) '' Sinnoart ''This is a competition and fun ! This is not a job !!!You think that if you pay a lot of money you do better, but if you pay enough money you do poorly? This is not fair because a good artist is always trying to make a good project. Art can not depend on money but on talent.... You can do it right or do not do! you have a choice!....Stalin was a long time ago :) ask the artist how much you paint images of the year? .. the artist says - 100. Stalin asked and how many of these images is good? says the artist .. - 10! .. Stalin said at the end of the artist :: It's only paint good pictures :).... Large Professional prestigious competitions in the world do not have any financial reward but only a diploma and prestige . Good luck from Poland

Don't worry about the prize. Let's work our best to realize our dream -- a good product for the customer! Keep improving & keep developing! One day you will win on JOVOTO!

I am actually glad it was extended - still willing to put some hours away to work on this, something that wasn't possible the last two weeks. But! Also waiting for that last feedback.

As for the money - don't even get me started. I just trust that Loqi will decide in a timely manner, so designs can be sold elsewhere...

:) Happy Valentine's Day to All ❤

Thanks Jesko ! Love for Berlin from Polish. I have been several times in Berlin. Beautiful city. I loved Golden statue of victory and Charlottenburg and of course beautiful zoo and the famous ruins of the church. Good luck from Poland

Feedback? Weekend! :D

Yup, kind of sucks. :) Dealine is Monday noon - and the promised feedback didn't materialize. So, I guess I'm calling it quits...

Dear DENKdifferent!

I don´t get your question. What kind of feefback are you looking for? Halftime feedback has been 19 days ago and you´ll find it in this stream.

Yours Jesko


Hey there! Today we decided with LOQI that we will prolong this project for one more week since there aren't that many designs that LOQI will be able to realize. LOQI will send us a final feedback for the last week. As soon as we have it, we will publish it here!« :) Too late now...

Sorry about that, we didn't manage a final feedback for the last week- there was some confussion between final feedback review and final feedback for the last week (before the project closed). We will have a final review this week and as soon as we have any idea about the Client's Choices we will let you know! Best, Jess

No problem, Jess. I think, the client have enough enough enough bag designs now... ;)

Jovoto pretends to be a place of creative freedom. Yet some community managers take it upon themselves to personally dictate what is art and what is not. Is that an effective environment for innovation and growth? Does the resulting lack of diversity help the client?

It's not a discussion about art but a question of what is platform appropriate and about what could be considered objectifiying or innapropriate.

Dear Teigan,

thanks for your honest opinion. We are not doing censorship – but right, we have to delete inappropriate and sexist submissions like the one you submitted.

So you are arbitrarily declaring some art to be degenerate, and thus depriving the general public from viewing it and making up their own minds. There was nothing "sexist" about my work, yet because you erased it, you can now pretend the art was somehow offending. I made a deliberate choice to omit all genitalia from my drawings. So any sexual connotations were the product of your own dirty mind. Should someone's artwork be penalized for the censor's repressed perversions? If you had responsibly taken the time to comprehend the work, you'd have seen it was a celebration of contemporary hairstyles and the freedom of choice.

wow... reading your lines 'stopforit' makes me feel as if we are standing in line and waiting for orders.

I wouldn't like to comment much on the subject but there is difference between open source community design and direct to client service,

when you share a community competition you have to be so open minded and welcome any comment wether u like it or not and whether you will make use of it or not. and failing to do that will indicate a gap in your artistic approach and dialogue was the bread and butter of all great artists since leonardo davinci days, just remember... what doesnt kill you.. makes you stronger and discussion is the soul of success so argue as much as you can and prove your point restlesly but forget about accusations since they wont change anything of our reality.

With all luck

Dear sinnoart,

I share your good thoughts about community and openness. But still there´s a border of what we can accept and what we can not accept.

Yours Jesko

Sure thing... its a coin with two faces, one is common ethics and the other is personal view so which one we flip when we react is the issue.

Hello creative minds,I have a question about 8 color rule. Does this also applies to different shades of one color?

Thats a good question. I came up to same question, as I have at the moment several grey tones...

hello! this is from the brief: ,,Percentages of colour: 50-90% of a colour will not be deemed as an extra colour." Hope is what you are looking for :D

And where exactly can I see this 50-90% in Illustrator?

i think that only works in indesign... dont know

Hi maracrisa, Thanks for your answer! You're absolutley right- ,,Percentages of colour: 50-90% of a colour will not be deemed as an extra colour."

Dear maracrisa, thanks for helping out here.

@GajskiKarlo: Here´s a link that might help you to work in illustrator. Hope that helps.

Yours Jesko

LOQI gives you the freedom of creativity. "

It seems that the brief lies or was poorly written, and misleads participants. There is no creative freedom at Jovoto. Falling outside of the norm, any genuinely new ideas are carelessly removed. This suppresses all innovation and originality.

Dear Teigan,

we have already replied to your comment above. "Dear Teigan – Thanks for your honest opinion. We are not doing censorship – but right, we have to delete inappropriate and sexist submissions like the one you submitted."

Yours Jesko

His new name is "stopforit" ;)

I just have a question... am i the only one feeling that contestants are afraid to give votes, I mean is the game to send only couple of words and avoid voting out of fear that if one votes a lot which means he will draw his grades back in the row.

I think each member should vote for at least 25% of the competitors before he can open his basket and check his votes, not 5 votes

Please correct me if i am wrong, maybe what is happening is normal , I am so interested in the community votes as much as i was expecting comments and suggestions from all to all. most of what I saw was : very nice" 2 words and in many many occasions

so most of the projects i reviewed where based on these two words. and in many places where a comment or a suggestion was a must i still saw these words... can someone tell me how is the reviewing and rating is analyzed

and between brackets, my interest in the review and votes is not related to the final results or prize but rather to absorb as many comments from as many different personalities to enrich my global sence

Dear sinnoart,

thanks for asking.

We appreciate helpful and profound feedback a lot. Until now its not mandatory to give feedback before you can rate. But we are currently planning a new idea how to value and support very good feedback even more.

Concerning the rating – we know that public projects can feel like roller coaster if you look at your rating. On jovoto the community itself can vote and choose the winners – but we do detailed rating monitoring to support fairness within this process on the platform.

Yours Jesko

:) haha :) sinonoart ! :) Funny things you write! This is a vote of facebook! All over the world it is proven that 90 percent of the votes from a fake facebook vote, artificial. You can not win ever with someone who is on facebook 1.000.000 artificial observers with whom he is dating to vote. Facebook is an artificial medium with artificial voices. Many competitions in the world withdraws from facebook vote because it's artificial artificial commercialism and voting typically artificial, fake, komercja.Ja personally do not even have a facebook account because it is a medium for children and artificial world .. You can not rely on the vote facebook. Therefore Jovoto a public vote and Faceboook but it's fun, and is closed only second choice for the customer, sponsor or jury. Important is the selection of the jury, the sponsor, customer and not facebook. So you have a chance that the client and the jury voting closed you choose.Personally, I think that should be displayed every vote and voter because it is worth to see who votes estimation of zero, 1,2,3,4,5, etc. should be shown all of the assessment.The choice of general and facebook does not matter so you have a chance'' sinnoart''.Do not worry,'' sinnoart'' because you can choose the client so you have a chance. Good luck from Poland

thanks guys for the reply, actually I am not concerned about the jury since the final result is a combination of the market need and the clients strategy so whatever they decide will be the right choice even if they go for the unexpected of designs.. they have to roll money in and survive the market trends.

And regarding this issue I wish the Jovoto people will make two winners one for the cash allocated and the other for the hall of fame and without any prize, it just go placed in jovoto hall of fame dashboard. ... it would be a nice jest for jovoto guys to choose one design for the hall of fame, a design that shows future trend or a unique concept which is so good but not adequate for market application.. art for art projects I mean, and also every design that generates huge success for the clients will be placed there as well... just a thought

I understood the Facebook issue you mentioned but my surprise was a project with 130 views with 7 votes, i mean when 130 artists view the file it only a click far to push even on the ' trash it button" coz if they push this button it will also count as a vote.

anyway.. I am happy for all what I didi and all what I saw so far on jovoto and looking ahead to fight with brush and paint all the way.. ha

thanks for the time given to reply. TC

just one tiny comment:

Can the IT department at Jovoto teach the dictionary that Jovoto is a familiar word coz it kind of annoying to have it always underlined as a wrong word when anyone types the name. Thanks

Ahem... that's not actually Jovoto's fault, but the fault of your browser. :) In most cases, right-click on the underlined word and add to dictionary.

thanks for the hint i will try it

i do not understand why always some people have to talk about off-brief things under the briefing of a contest.. why don't you just pm the guides and ask them directly? i think its not so good for the client.. he is not interested in all that and he reads along.

Thanks for pointing this out, dear Christin! True!

Well if the header of this page was LOQI i wouldn't have definitely discussed a thing, but as it says Jovoto it means that we are discussing within the jovoto community, however all what is being discussed does not affect the client as to my belief, unless other topics raised in the stream are far from the norm. anyway its up to jovoto to add a reminder on top of the page advising the limit of subjects that are to be discussed under a brief page. Thanks for the comment

its ok, it was just a small hint. for off-brief questions pm the guides or ask your questions here: and here: have a nice day ;)

:) haha :) Cool big discussion :). The customer is the sponsor and he decides what he wants. Real that the client did not choose :) Good luck !

Hi krzysztofwrobel, The rating period is not yet over, so the project isn't officially closed. We are additionally in discussion with the client.

The right comment is: There are so many incredible good designs here. Unbelievable!

the shivering is over now lol .. hopefully the monitoring goes fast ;) curious to see who won the community prizes!

Working on it ;) Looking forward to the final results and Client's Choices myself!

I'm really curious about the Client's Choices. There are lots I think may have won and not any I'd immediately pick as entirely in line with their previous designs. It will be really fun to see who they picked!

Thanks to everyone for making this a great project!

We had officially: 452 ideas submitted 5038 comments!!! & over 18700 ratings

Fantastic designs submitted here-- Now just hold tight and Design a Bag will be closed as soon as I can manage. Annd, I'm back to work :-)

Great! Congrats on the good work and luck to all ":)

du warst schonmal schneller jess! ;)

Ha, very funny- The project will be closed this week! Best wishes, Jess

Hi... Any indication when he LOQI list is to be announced?

Hello guys, Kindly can someone explain me the difference between the community prize issue and the LOQI winners list, is the Loqi winner should be one of community prize winner designs or they ae totally separated in listing. Thanks

Community winners are chosen by the jovoto community, based on the ratings, LOQI winner is the clients choise, the ones that will actually get printed, and have a money reward also.

LOQI hasn´t anounced their winners yet...

Still pslalanda, this means if someone uploads his artwork the last minute he wont get a chance to be reviewed by as many as the first comers, am i right, since human nature indicates that enthusiasm fade by time.. anyway.. good to know, thanks a lot

If someone uploads a submission the last minute, he/she still have the rating period to get votes. Not the chance to improve the idea from the feedback though.

And, Pandarine, that is why you should not only submitt a proposal, but also check the other ones comment and rate.

Dear sinnoart and dear Pandarine,

right, the community winners are based on the ratings of the community. There´s always at least a week after submission deadline for the rating only period to provide a fair chance for all final designs to be rated according to the last upload or update.

Secondly all ratings have influence on all other ratings – that means if an idea gets a single 10 point vote it will be balanced by all other ratings to provide a fair calculation.

If you want to dive deeper into it – here´s a FAQ about how the rating works:

Yours Jesko

Dear Mr. J Can you please tell me when is LOQI expected to announce its list or is it an open timeframe phase thanks a lot

Hi there,

Although we don't have an exact time frame, LOQI is currently discussing and deciding which ideas will be licensed and we will let you know as soon as we have any news!

Best, Jess

Million thanks miss Jess. Regards

Congratulations to all community 's prize winner! It was really exciting until the last second submission!

When can we expect client's choice,or did I already missed the winners?

Don't worry, you didn't miss the announcement! LOQI is still working hard to choose the best design for their needs. We can't say exactly when they'll give us our decision, but you'll know as soon as we can announce it!

Finally, all three Client's Choice is being announced! Congratulations to all winner!

Dear community, 

Exciting news, we've got 3 great Client's Choices to announce !  It's so exciting because the collections have even already been produced. 

So let's say congratulations to: 

  • rural_minds for his idea: Pen Art Pattern

  • maracrisa for her idea: Cool People

  • anaseixas for part of her collection: Patterns Collection

Congratulations you three!! Great to see you on the LOQI facebook page too :-) (

Best, Jess