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LOQI is your design's ticket to travel far and wide. €5,000 prize pool

LOQI is your design's ticket to travel far and wide.


The LOQI product portfolio has expanded since the founding in end of 2012 in Berlin. Reusable bags. Luggage covers. Zip pockets. Eco-friendly. Affordable. Extremely good looking. The LOQI brand is playful, just a little bit crazy and fully in love with the small things in life.

LOQI climbed the mountains of Romania. Stumbled through the streets of Tokyo. Got lost in London and buzzed in Berlin. They’ll do just about anything to hunt down a LOQI artist to design their products. 

LOQI collaborates with designers from around the world to bring you a wide range of the most original designs possible. Why: not only are they committed to being eco-friendly and affordable, they want their bags to appeal to people from the most different ends of the spectrum. The more people who like the LOQI bags, the more people will practice reuse, the better off we will all be tomorrow.

The first cooperation with jovoto in 2013 was a huge success. The new competition is your chance to feature on as one of the LOQI designers on their ARTISTS page online.

Now distributed in more than 20 countries, the LOQI bag is your ticket to travel far and travel wide with your design. It’s a great way to make your mark!


Create a new and appealing bag collection 2014 for LOQI. The new lines should be fresh, unique and artistic! The aim is to increase purchases with the aid of outstanding designs.

Special prizes

Any design edition that completely outperforms sales numbers will receive addtional 2,000 EUR. jovoto will check the sales number with LOQI every six months.

Task Definition

Design the new LOQI bag collections for 2014! 

Your task is to come up with 4 unique bag designs that work harmoniously as a collection. See examples of 12 different collections here. You will notice that each collection has its own theme and name. Each bag is intrinsically different yet still works together as a collection.

Leave a lasting impression by using the entire bag. 

Design the new collection include the following guidelines:

  • You need to fill the whole template of the bag with your design (see template for presentation).
  • Submit a design series of FOUR designs
  • Themes may include but are not limited to graffiti, 3D prints, optical illusions, black and white, geometric shapes, illustrations, pop-art, irony, comics and more.
  • The maximum number of colours is 8 however simple 2 colour designs are also appreciated due to lower production setup costs. Repeat patterns are welcome.
  • The front and back of the bag can be designed differently and the artwork can be extended into the handles.
  • The LOQI logo does not need to be incorporated into the artwork.

Target Group

Young people, fashionistas, pragmatists, silver agers, teenagers, mums and dads, lohas, tourists. People that like to spend their money on the good things in life. And for those fun-filled days, they need a LOQI bag to lug their loot around. Blending into the background is the last thing they want. Instead, they prefer to stand out from the crowd and exhibit their personal style. The possibilities of the LOQI collection enable them to combine the necessity of carrying a bag with their desire to look fashionable as they move about town.


LOQI gives you the freedom of creativity. They believe good design and colourful prints lift our spirits! The brand’s upbeat spirit is reflected in its new corporate design, including a new logo and typeface. 

Mandatory requirements

  • LOQI will use your design for the bags and on additional LOQI textiles. Please only show your designs on the bags (see template for presentation). 
  • For the case that your idea gets licensed all graphics MUST be available as vector files which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours. AI or EPS files are accepted. Whilst vector is preferred, it is possible to supply a photoshop file, 300dpi of actual size, which include the exact PMS/Pantone colours.
  • For the final printing your design has to be available on the printing template (see materials).
  • Percentages of colour: 50-90% of a colour will not be deemed as an extra colour.
  • The bags are printed on polyester using the sublimation technique which allows for a brilliance of colour. The laser etched steel rollers used for printing enable printing fine lines, the minimum line thickness is 0,5 mm. 
  • The base material is polyester in white. Due to the slightly transparent nature of the material, large white areas and designs with white as the prime base colour do not work well on the bags. Strong colour contrasts work well.
  • It is extremely important that you DO NOT USE any stock-illustrations or images. Submission including any stockmaterials will be deleted.
  • Only submit designs for which you own the full copyright and image rights. 

Useful links

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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