Psychedelic design for those who enjoy the BLUDGE side of life <3


BLUDGE - is designed by the 2 of us on paradise island Sri Lanka. Our designs are never mass produced or re-printed. Each design tells a unique story which revolves around what we are experiencing right now as warriors of good-vibes & Psycho-naughts. Please click on the name of each design to view the full story behind it:

SPACED OUT: We traveled within ourselves to bring you this intergalactic warrior of BLUDGE!! Stand back & take a look at its multi- dimensional BLUDGENESS... morphed by the vibrations of the universe

BLUDGERSAURUS - This BLUDGE design is all about surrendering to the fun loving monster in you. The BLUDGERSAURUS was inspired by pure uninhibited fun; taking ourselves higher towards new vibrations.

DROPS - This design is a subliminal manifestation of our psychedelic adventure. Psychedelics have & will continue to be a vital part of our lives. It shows us a whole new dimension & makes us really question what is real & what is not, what have been programmed to believe & what is actually true.

LOST - Features wandering dodgems around a random city scape. The figure represents life in a city & issues of loneliness

*All rights reserved to : BLUDGE. Story & design copy writes to BLUDGE 

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