Attract what you wear. Inspired in Masaru Emoto's “Hidden Messages of Water”


I believe infinitely that we attract what we think, say and wear. Inspired by “Hidden Messages of Water” of Masaru Emoto, a Project that exposed water to different messages and how it reacts to them, I designed this collection of bags.

Under the concept “attract what you wear” I selected four factors that are essential for peace and happiness: loyalty, optimism, vibrancy and ease. Words that individually work well and keep us open, awake and hopeful; but when they are together they bring a real force. By its initials: love, feeling and state of mind that take us to do things with strength, with fierce.

The pictures used were taken by me in different places I have had the opportunity to visit: Argentina, Canada, China and Mexico, because I think when we travel we pack and unpack things without realizing it, and those are the things we should never forget to pack.

“Attract what you wear”.

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