The urban COOP (work in progress)
A social driven system of co-raising chickens for the canteen's consumption by recycling food waste


By 2025, there's not gonna be enough meat and we'll be more and more uncertain about it's tracability. New eating habits are gonna be increasing: vegans and vegetarians, fake meat, lab meat, insect comsuption, new protein substitutes (...) The meat won't be an everyday certainity anymore. Its value will grow and will become a very expensive product.

Each day, 30% of food is thrown away in a Canteen. It's money that is trown away.
The COOP effectively re-uses 100% of this waste feeding it to chickens, which can be used for the human consumption inside the company.

An app - controlled by a farmer - would help to divide the farming work between the interested workers. It would send notifications with the daily task to the community and the workers could accept or decline following their moods and personal schedule.

The project is taking the food out of the "lunch time", to be connecting the workers to themselves, to the earth and involving them into healthy and nutritious food.

The food experience in the canteen is taking place a very cozy, light and open space. As the workers are tight on schedule I propose a elegant Bento Box solution meal, that you may preorder through an app in your phone, or directly in the canteen via an iPad. Your healthy and balanced meal is instantly ready to take out in canteen, located with a view on the whole farm. You may than eat your food at the table inside, or outside on the terrace looking at the fields.

Depending on the harvest, special celebration meal are gonna be organised in the canteen as showing results of dedication and work.

Which target group is your concept for?

The COOP is mainly focused on the production workers, but is also very suitable for anyone working in the Adidas group. The canteen is time effective, so they have a moment where they can relax in a comfortable green space. It proposes fresh and balanced food to ensure their energy and productivity for the whole day.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

At lunch: Bentobox ordering via an internal app on smart phones . While arriving for lunch their phone automatically sends a signal for their meal to heat up. When they arrive to the dining hall they pick up their meal at the digital interface without having to wait. It provides the fastest possible service.
Out of lunch time: The app distributes the work amongts the interested workers. And informs the whole teams about the harvest celebration feasts.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

The farming system is a breaking point to erase the difference between the white and blue collars by giving them a common interest, providing a meeting and social point between the different workers groups, where people are free to discuss in a very different position with their managers or people they would never have the chance to meet in the company

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

It’s showing the real value of food and the effort it takes to have the best quality products. It’s growing and consuming meat with the respect it deserves. It doesn’t only cover the meal, but creates a whole story of loyalty, of team work and connection to the community by building something together. It’s giving a break in the digitalised work where you can be outside, feel the earth and relax.

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