Your personal assistance for your balanced nutrition and diet improvement


Food is part of the group of indispensable routine to life and as such it is necessary to spend some of our knowledge and time to develop a proper diet plan able to respect our biodynamic needs so that at the end of a working day our body is responsive, and energetic balanced for a refreshing night's rest. Increasingly, the human being has its time limited and looking for practical and efficient solutions that do not require a lot of research or study.

BIO'RYTHM is designed to overcome this lack of research time and will be the main ally of adequate and custom manufacturing where the difference is in the individual as unique variable and not a collective one. How?

Each of us, through their daily routine (work, livelihood, expended energy, metabolism ....) requires a specific diet that suits the daily energy consumption and meets the needs of the body, being able to keep it nourished, healthy and productive during several hours of the day. Each individual consumes calories differently, has specific energy costs, and different metabolisms and therefore what suits a worker can not adapt to your partner's needs.

BIO'RYTHM will analyze each individual profile (weight, height. Energy consumption ....) and adjust nutritionally their variables through the variables that were produced during the analysis. Create a specific algorithm for each worker who will translate into a balanced and dynamic diet so that each individual can improve their physical condition without spend time or having to make a comprehensive diet.

HOW BIO’RYTHM WORKS Analyze the data to create the ideal menu for each person. The canteen will provide a buffet style "food weight" and the menu listing will be provided to each employee and must be synchronized with the BIO'RYTHM so that the application can suggest what quantities must be consumed and what to consume. BIO'RYTHM will serve as a "nutritional Assistant" during the time of "create" your plate.

Which target group is your concept for?

the three of them

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Without connectivity and digitalisation data can't be synchronised and BIO'Rythm can't be effective.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

a new way to improve your life, the introduction of new aliments and food confection, new alternatives to improve your biodinamic

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

the introduction of a guide to give your hints and orientation about what to eat and teh proportions for keeping you healthy

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