The Ramen Rider's Booth
Let's The Ramen Rider serve you with home making ramen at a unique outdoor booth!


Robot deliver with interactive order taking system while you still can do online meeting, watching your share market, .... all at once inside a modern Japanese Ramen Booth, personally or with your colleagues. Moreover, It's an unique outdoor dining experience with waterfall glass, where you can listen the sound of waterfall!

Which target group is your concept for?

  1. The knowledge worker

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Robot Waiter (Delivery Vehicle) and Computer Touch Screen for Menu & Taking Order, the kitchen's have LED panel for staff usage.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Japanese Ramen Booth with In-house delivery, no waiter. Fast & organized service. Outdoor dining experience.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

A canteen / restaurant / cafeteria of Japanese Ramen Booth Store fused with Fast Food’s concept & outdoor dining experience.

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