Think-Table UPDATED!
Find the best table to share your interests and knowledge! Now with the new customizable canteen !


I believe that informal meetings are the most prosperous instances to generate knowledge and solve problems - whether it be privately or in a corporate setting. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes to plant the seed of an idea or offer new insights, perspectives and solutions. In our increasingly digital world, however, it is becoming harder and harder to sit down and exchange ideas with others. But what if you could bring together the right people at the right time? Actually, what if they brought themselves together? Think-Table App connects people with tables that they can join or create if they wish to exchange and share common interests while they eat. The app brings them together to contribute knowledge, solve common problems or spark inspiration. In the new release we present the new canteen prepared to receive 20,000 people in the best way as it is fully customizable !

Which target group is your concept for?

Think-Table App can be utilised by anyone and everyone- you just need to bring ’food for thought’ while you eat. It is more specifically beneficial to The knowledge workers who need quick solutions, fast flowing information and high connectivity as well as The digital nomad who will find the app’s connective potential and flexibility appealing.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

With Think-Table App you can: Create a table to share knowledge and ideas to solve a problem in a better way - Search and join a table that has already been created in which you think you can contribute to or wish to learn from. New collaborations are established and a sense of communities is found. The dining experience becomes productive and connective, allowed by our easy and intuitive interface! !

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Despite being geared towards the corporate world Think-Table App is not all about work! Do you want to talk about sports? Children? Politics? Music? Simply, create, find and join the tables you want! You can meet new people with similar or differing interests every day! The new canteen offers the possibility to be customized the way you want, lunch for 20,000 people, cleared for an exhibition or prepared for a conference

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Sharing and generating knowledge and encouraging new interactions that bring people together in large corporations or on campus! Every day you have the opportunity to help solve problems, meet like minded individuals and share your insights during your lunch breaks. You will never eat alone again.