Great meal, surprise, vacation, motivation, cooperation and better menu every day.


This idea is about relaxing and motivation. It's for people they are working to ensure family, and once in a while to go on vacation. Every employee has the chance to send via the corporate website his favorite recipe. Recipe can be from vacation, an old family recipe, whatever ... The team of chefs will continuously collect the recipes to try them. Randomly is this recipe added to the standard menu (anonymously and not marked as a competition meal). Employees have on their tables touch screen and after meals they can judge it (every meal). Once a quarter of year is the winner announced and he win vacation voucher for the whole family.

Which target group is your concept for?

The production worker

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

  1. With this “vote system” you can select right food, best recipes and build better and better menu from statistics.
  2. Sending recipes from employee is good to join them to the system. They feels more necessary. But 1 employee can only once per quarter send the recipe.
  3. This is like a table game. They talk about this food, they discuss. For a moment they forget about work.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Campus is high open room with windows from floor to ceiling. If it is possible, the ceiling is also glass. The floor is not flat. Everywhere there are tall green trees. At the top of the room fans gently blow into the treetops. Among the various tables and trees flowing stream with clear water. The furniture is of natural colors. And if the weather outside is fine, so the windows can be totally opened by trolley.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Join people in creative process. Give them the opportunity to think about something other than work.