A farming employees network “real life game” app


A farming employees network app that makes the employee participate to the upstream eating value chain.

Which target group is your concept for?

This project is designed for the knowledge workers but could be extended to the other communities.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Technology is used to facilitate the decision process of what to eat based on each one particularity (employee data collection to create better adapted menus in a world where allergies increase everyday). Technology is used to make the employee part of the eating value chain (vote). Technology is used to reduce the time waste (webcam for the queue, barcode for the payment). Technology is made to educate the employee (through videos, recipes accessible via QR codes)

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

A community garden concept with a visual of green vegetation that helps the employee to escape in his mind for a couple of seconds (relax ambient). A concept that creates teambuilding and creativity/sinergies via recreational time.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

People want to have the ability to choose what they eat in an objective of health and pleasure.

People want to participate to the process and not be passive, they want to be entertained and feel proud of their act (via short chains and km0 concepts)

Food is used to bond people in a more and more virtual world.

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