Healthy inspiration for thinking outside the lunchbox.
How can we create healthy, people-friendly eating experience environments?


How can we use technologies and use rooms in new ways to create a more inspiring work and eating experience environments for people?

A part of the idea is to design both physical environments, technologies, and processes in a way so users find it exciting to move around / get exercise - for example through self service food stands, stand up tables, integration of fitness tools in food areas etc. Thereby, movement / sports - a natural part of the Adidas culture and strategy will become an integrated part of the food experience.

Another part of the idea is to create physical spaces that help people to communicate with each other in natural ways. As an example, outdoor fitness areas combined with food stands, self service coffee creation / production, stand up tables, and big touch screens with various opportunities could encourage people to exchange ideas / thoughts / experiences with each other. Offering possibilities for people to help set tables, serve, and/or clean up in food areas may also help to help people to engage in conversations with other people in natural way.

Outdoor fitness areas make it easier for customers of Adidas and other external people, who are interested in working for the purpose of Adidas, to get involved with people working for the company. In other words, outdoor fitness areas placed in places, where many people live / work / learn, can help create a community that encourage people to have even more fun doing sports and increasing the quality of life. Involvement of external people could be strengthened further through various sport events and other types of initiatives, both in physical spaces and on the Internet - including on jovoto and other social media.

Further inspiration:

Which target group is your concept for?

Digital nomads, production and knowledge workers.

As physical environments are designed in mobile / flexible ways that help people to easily move from one type of work to the next, for example from a) brainstorming with others at an event space to b) doing exercise at outdoor fitness areas to c) helping a robot pack up things to be shipped, and to d) eating a salad at a standup table near a foodstand, people change between various roles throughout the day as they help each other.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Example # 1: Mobile device lights up when food is ready to be picked up. Example # 2: People can order and pay for food using a mobile app. Example # 3: On touch screens at food stands and through apps, users can communcate ideas to the community about how to improve the eating and working experience. Example # 4: Through a mobile app, people can see which food events are happening throughout the day, what the menu and brainstorming topics are, and how many people are coming to which events.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Example # 1: Possibilities to eat next to outdoor fitness areas. Example # 2: Cyclists get a free salad. Example # 3: Imagine that someone is on the fitness bike in the outdoor fitness area. At the same time, another person is having a smoothie at a food stand in the outdoor area. While these two people chat - as they are, respectively, exercising and eating, they can read, on a flat screen installed in the outdooor fitness area / at the food stands, what is going on on the jovoto platform.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Through the idea, people get more and better possibilities to live more healthy lives.

People will experience that they have the possibility to use both their brains and bodies better throughout the day, as they move around and interact with various kinds of technology and people, for exam through moderated events, physical exercise individually and in groups, enjoying food and beverages in a variety of ways including "speed dating" exercises and other arrangements.