iCOOK (updated)
A machine+app cooks for you what you choose to eat according to your heath and nutritional value.


Robots that cook a perfect breakfast are being created in universities as we speak, so they are not far from being introduced to the public in the near future. Sustainability has a different definition for each architecture school, but it mostly resumes to energy reduction, waste reduction and the reduction of bad emissions. Therefore, buildings with flat roofs can build a green roof for crops and relaxation. Locally grown ingredients should be used for cooking. The iCOOK station is made of a minimum of the 3 modules presented in the sketch: the fridge, the cooking robot and the beverage maker. The station receives the order from the iCOOK app every employee would have on their phones. Nowadays, people are interested in eating healthy and 'superfoods' are all hand-in-hand with 'healthy eating'. The app created a personalized eating plan for each employee, depending on health, age, food preferences, height, weight and it is supervised by a nutritionist. One can select how hungry one is, for avoiding food waste, which is a world spread problem. You don't like what the app suggests? No problem, you can ask for something else. The app will collect preference info from individuals, so it can give better suggestions. You don't want to eat at 1:00 PM? No problem, you can decide when your best time to take a break is. The eating process will be conducted in a cafeteria, where interactions between employees are suggested. The ambiance should be warm, relaxing and welcoming and it is totally customisable for each company.

Which target group is your concept for?

The knowledge worker

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

By having an app that monitors your health and creates an individual eating plan and offers you choices to help you be healthy and being just a click away from having your heart's desire being freshly cooked with BIO ingredients, no prepacked, precooked, reheated meals is a unique eating experience.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

You can tell the app how hungry you are, so you don't produce food waste (you can always order more). Should any waste be produced, it will be turned to compost for garden fertilization. The app lets you choose when to eat and offers you smart alternatives for your meals so that you can get all necessary nutrients. The station is self cleaning, it only needs an employee to load the fridge in the morning.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Healthy, stress-free cooking in a sustainable environment.

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