food cluster (UPDATE)
The food cluster provides food concepts regarding time, logistic, architecture and events.


The food cluster provides various food opportunities, experiences and events to the employees, that can be planned in advance via cluster app and cluster book ( food facebook). Each cluster has a certain concept and name:

(1) management cluster: The heart of the food cluster. The cluster management is responsible for the administration of all clusters: - Food events - Preorders of employees - Employee feedback - Cluster Book (food facebook)

(2) experience cluster: The experience cluster is similar to an entertainment park, the attraction is food. Guests can sit in a boat and pass through various food station, where can choose a meal and have it while floating along an indoor and outdoor environment. Guests also can choose to have their lunch on terasse or cozy eating corner.

(3) carousel cluster: This is a kind of food carousel presenting take away food on a clockwise moving platform. On the platform is a cylindric food container with portholes. Guests can walk along the cylinder and open a porthole with the desired food item. The wall is colorized according to the offered food: e.g. green for salad. From inside the cylinder the food the staff can refill the portholes.

(4) food taxi cluster: Employees can order food via an app to a certain place at a certain time. In the kitchen the order is prepared and then transported by a robot-trolley. Inside the trolley the food is kept warm/cold. In addition a little table can be pulled out. After the meal the dished are transported back to the kitchen.

(5) do it yourself cluster: In the do it yourself cluster employees are provided with modern kitchen and dining area. The management organizes foodbattles and theme cooking, employees can subscribe an event via the cluster book (food facebook). A cleaning team cleans the dishes for the employees.

(6) event cluster: The management organizes food events according to a certain theme: Bamboo Garden, Oktoberfest, Eating + Circus Artists.

(see slides)

Which target group is your concept for?

all employees

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Digital apps and autarc robot-trolleys create making it possible to plan the meals and enjoys these at a desired time and place.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Indoor and outdoor architecture concepts create a varied food experience for the employees. The food cluster provides social platforms and organizes events.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

a strong food administration