Go with the FLOW
The flow and circulation is a very important aspect when you consider feeding 20 000 people.


My idea concentrates on the flow of people in a space. I wanted to create an efficient display but also a dynamic environment. The idea behind the concept is also to create a flexible space that can adapt to the provided site. The circle is a dynamic shape that gathers people and can be repeated into a pattern to really maximize the space.

The main idea is to generate an open space which is concentrated on the food distributions center that also helps to control the flow of people. The concentric pattern which is illustrated can be repeated many times to provide an open space area with pivotal food distribution centers.

The general grid (can accomodate 1800 people). Like mentionned above, the grid can be repeated as many times as wanted (horizontally or vertically) depending on the site. An 11 storey building can therefore accomodate more than 20 000 people. each "module" is self sufficient and can work on it's own with kitchen, sanitary, canteen space, relaxing & green areas.

Many different variables for the canteen atmosphere can be developped using the same circular/flowing organization. Acoustic panels can be distributed throughout the zones to create louder areas (fast zone) and more quiet spaces (medium and slow zones). The lighting of each zones is also very important. A more soft and relaxing light would be more appropriate for the slow zones while the faster zones need a more concentrated light.

Which target group is your concept for?

All the target groups.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

The users are concentrated around a central element which is the food distribution center. They are all gathered around for a more inviting and less conventiional type of display. I want to minimize the time people have to wait for their food to maximise the eating time. This all starts by a functional organization!

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Features green spaces to accommodate the body and the mind. The organization of a space is very important but we also have to think about the mind aspect. When being on a lunch break, people want to refresh their minds in order to be more performing during the afternoon. Offering green spaces inside a building so they can be available all year long is an important aspect to consider.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Generate a space that helps the flow-circulation of a large group of people and also create a dynamic space that is fun and interactive to be in. We are all so used to the typical box space that can be perceived as "boring", the concept I bring tries to defy the general idea we might have when we think of organizing a space for 20 000 people. The concept is both functional and dynamic.