Holistic Foodperience
Exceptional experience with food can only be achieved with a holistic campus concept.


My idea starts with 'Hungry James' which is the ultimative campus delivery unit. People suffer too much under insufficient nutrition during stressful days or daylong meetings. Companies in 2025 are aware that only healthy employees are productive and effective chain links in a connected world. This is why the future employee deserves natural, healthy, organic food when ever he wants and where ever he is. Not everybody is made to work from 9 to 5 and eat at noon.

So here steps 'Busy Eve' into my idea. She a wonderful combination of 3D printers and cooking robots. this technology has already arrived, but it did not step into our daily life yet. In nine years this will be a standard, it won't be accurate to not include this technology in our thoughts about the future.

Maybe some of our future employees will be a little bit confused about all the new exciting technologies so we should help them to understand the advantages of the new campus. 'Caring Rachel' is our corporate AI which helps you to order food, organize your meetings, share new menu ideas and improve your health.

As improvements require flexible structures we have 'Moving Frank' in our new corporate campus. This is a system which allows you to arrange the campus as efficient as possible. Maybe the first room concept wasn't as successful as we hoped so we easily change the location of the kitchen, the dining area, the relaxing zones, the food production and even the working spaces.

But we shouldn't stop thinking only about our new campus also mobility will be a big issue in 2025. Self driving cars will be common and this is the perfect opportunity to offer our future employees one big advantage compared to other companies. We offer them a free mobility service. This is only possible because it is self-financing.

Also food production will be a big topic. We all want locally grown food. 'Groving Paul' will provide us a plurality of food.

The future campus also creates new jobs. Read more below ;-)

Which target group is your concept for?

All employees as the concept has flexible structures. A campus concept should not be made for the year 2025 it should be made for the next 20 years and regarding this there is no other way as it has flexible structures.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

Digitization & Connectivity alone will not create unique eating experiences as we as humans will not have the capacity to analyse all the data which comes from a digitised and conncected campus. Just imagine all the data which 2'000 employees produce each day. Hence there has to be a artificial intelligence which collects and interprets all the data and then creates a unique experience for each single employee.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Food production will not stop at our campus. We'll have the opportunity to offer our employees a 24/7 dining and shopping experience. They can order food or meals for their private use and if we have a over production we can sell the food to our neighbourhood.

In the future we'll need new kind of jobs. Some old jobs will disappear but we shouldn't worry about this because a variety of new career opportunities will arise like e.g. menu designer, AI observer or food economists.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

The concept should not only consider one little part of the working day. Employees want to have a place where they can evolve and be part of a caring organization. We should consider that we have to change the way we live and work. At the moment we're disruptive factor for nature but as we're part of it we should also behave like one.

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