Cibus: a personal nutritionist for the Digital Worker
Cibus is an A.I. that knows you deeply and helps you stay healthy with the ideal food for you.


Each body is different and unique. So why do we need to eat the same way? Cibus is a friendly digital assistant focused on food and nutrition to keep you as healthy as possible. It will be the only personal wellness assistant that you’ll ever need in a near future. Cibus is integrated with all your devices (smartphone, computer, wearables, video games and, of course, refrigerator) and collects all the data from your social network, agenda, GPS location, bank account, fitness apps, medical and genetic inputs to recommend you the best diet and keep you energized for your daily activities. A diet made just for you. Cibus can also help you order items from your market, suggest meals based on your activities, connect to other people's Cibus (given they allowed it) and keep an extensive medical record that only you and your doctor can read.

Which target group is your concept for?

It's designed for the tech-savvy, health-conscious Digital Nomad as a way to eat healthy even in a crazy routine. But, since Cibus connects with so much services and habits people already have, and knows so much about them individually, it works great for all kinds of worker.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

We know everybody has it's own needs. By connecting with all your data (GPS, calendar, social media, e-mail, wearables, etc.), as well as genetic and blood analysis, Cibus can create an ultra-personalized food recommendation fit just for you.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

It uses data from your genome to give suggestions tailor-made for you. It analyses your blood to get a reading on your sugar levels and other important metrics. It is integrated with all your smart devices (and 2025 will have a lot of those!). It gives the company information about food types and quantities needed. It connects with other people’s Cibus to let you know about their favorite foods, allergies, etc. All with their consent, of course.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Cibus connects with the company's system and can inform how many employees are on campus, and their food needs for the next weeks. It informs, without breaking privacy of course, the types of food and the quantities the canteen needs.This will help the supply and distribution work much more efficiently.