Smart O, intelligent LUNCHBOX system


Smart O, intelligent LUNCHBOX system, real-time interaction with your mobile phone, not only food, every detail in control. 1)First choose the restaurant according to your taste, there are ordinary dishes restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, marine theme restaurant, etc. 2)Location in the restaurant you choose, you can any time. Each seat is divided into different functions, some seats can adjust the transparency of the windows, with the brightness of the top lights, air conditioning. Some locations can enjoy music and TV shows. Everything is based on your dining environment 3)Some BOX is used to nurture fresh vegetables or special ingredients. You can use the phone to monitor real-time monitoring of fresh vegetables or ingredients at different times, mobile phone APP will remind you which restaurants will be launched recently which new dishes. These are real-time with new, you can always position and your favorite dishes. Vegetables, fruits and seafood from all over the world are cultivated here to keep fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood. At the same time can be drawn at any time of these ingredients for creative cooking. Every moment allows customers to enjoy the freshest, most innovative food. This is not just a comprehensive restaurant, but also a base to create food. 4)Smart O, intelligent LUNCHBOX system is a freely formed with the dining system, according to the size of the area and function of the need to increase or decrease the unit. While the landscape between the units can also be designed and built according to need. 5)When you eat in this intelligent system, if you like, you can use the intelligent table communication system, anytime, anywhere to share your food to your friends, you can also eat in the restaurant friends, but also can be anywhere Of the contacts.

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