Eat and refreshes your mind
Eat in way correct and relaxed in a pleasant place.


"As you will eat" you will check your physical and cerebral activity, you will eat in correct way and you will relax yourself in a completely absorbed place in the green. Technologies will help you monitoring your energetic consumptions and they will propose you a range of balanced menu. "Where you will eat" you will eat in ample and bright spaces, but also inside intimate and protected place. You will relax yourself between the trees and a thick vegetation and in which technology will amplify the green sceneries: real projections, perfumes, control of the light and the sounds, to recreate almost real (a forest, a grassland, a jungles.) natural atmospheres.

Which target group is your concept for?

A worker must live in pleasant way to guarantee the quality of job. The project foresees to furnish to the worker, through the technologies, the enough data to be able to feed in correct way, without excesses and without wastes, and also to be regenerated in an environment the most natural possible, to contact with the nature. The worker can have lunch in this natural space but supported by the technology, but also to make some breaks to bathe in a calm environment.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

They already exist some APP able monitorare the energetic consumption and the physical activity of the people, during the whole day (not only during the sport). The furnished data will have put in connection with a system that will elaborate the information preferably turning her into a range of foods that you can be assumed at that time. You can directly choose your menu from your computer of job or from your smartphon, eliminating times and wastes of food.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Simplicity is at the base of the concept: you can eat the best foods for your physical condition, and you can do it in an extremely pleasant environment, where technology allows a maintenance of fabulous green areas inside any building: lights, sounds, perfumes, to have a contact with the beneficent effects of the nature. Besides it will be possible to see the spaces of production of some foods, in which new techniques will be used hydroponic of cultivation.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

This idea that doesn't foresee technologies that don't already exist. The spaces are repeatable in new buildings or in existing spaces(if adequately dimensionati). The criterion is to create some spaces checked by the bright point of view, thermal and of the damp as modern greenhouses. Besides technology can increase the visual effect, sonorous and olfattivo of some recreated environments.