It's a mobile application about sport video games played in order to select what to eat


KICPICNIC is played on phones , tablets and consoles. Depending on the game, the employees will be able to choose the cuisine, the ingredients, the portions, etc. they want to have in their meal. Each game will offer the many options available and the players will kick what they dislike and pick what they like. So the creation of the dish needs concentration, movement and enthusiasm.

Once the steps are over, they will submit the meal to the kitchen through their account on the application. Since the meals are pre ordered through game application, the employee will decide when: what time the dish should be ready. And where: from which section of the campus he’s going to pick it. So through a site plan on the application he could reserve a seat in the lunch-break areas on the map of the campus for a specific time. This way his opponent would know if he could meet them to have lunch together.

Which target group is your concept for?

All, especially knowledge workers. They have more flexible schedules. They need inspiration all the time to find solutions quickly. Dynamism and innovation could interest and help them.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

The employees use the game application to decide what to eat in a fun and spontaneous way and are able to discover new food they may have not thought of. They may also connect with other employees and meet new people through these games, play and have lunch together. The employees could select an option if they want the other players to join them to have lunch together and discuss. They can also select on the plan where they will be so the other person knows when and where to meet with them.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Profile page with allergies. Personalised dishes for every person. News articles and game quizzes about the sport world to provide the employees with recent information and keep them up to date and enhance their knowledge. Accessories designed for Adidas. Shoes, gangs, rackets, glasses, etc. with sensors compatible with the game stations. Playing games alone, with other employees, or with your favourite athletes through virtual reality and feel like in a real stadium.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Since it’s for Adidas, it’s a cool opportunity to include sports on a daily basis in an original way through the employees’ life at work and create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere. The idea is to discover new dishes through fun and sports. Move, play and feel amazing while you work. Stay connected through technology, interact and meet new coworkers. Clear your mind, eat and be healthy.