Reserve your seats and send invites with one simple app.


RESERVED is a mobile app that allows people to reserve tables at the cafeteria. Employees can make reservation on the phone everyday morning. They can choose the seats by clicking on the map, and they can also invite friends to join their meals! The map option also allows them to see the occupied seats, so people can avoid going there if it's too crowded or full. There's two types of booked seats, one is for regular eating and another one is for meeting; and both are differentiated in two different colours, so if someone see there's the blue marked meeting seats and don't want to bother the meeting group, then he can avoid sitting near that area. They can also click onto the occupied seats on the map to view who reserved the spot, and if they know that person then they might even want to sit together or make some new friends. There's also the message function that allows them to contact their invited guests! The menu function allows them to check the food menu on the phone everyday, so that they can reserve the food ahead of time while they reserve their seats. This function can reduce the line up time so that the turnaround time of the seats will be faster. Employees can also choose their own "end time" for their meals. However, since lunch rush hour usually happens during 11AM - 1PM, so in this period of time people are limited to have the seats for an hour only. They cannot set their own "end time" of the booking during this period. Continuing with my first (Plantastic) and second (The Perfecteria) ideas, employees can plant their own hydroponic veggies and add it in their salads when it's ready to be reaped. And they can also enjoy the indoor grass field during winter and rainy days!

Which target group is your concept for?

All three target groups.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

This booking function helps employees to secure seats at the cafeteria, which reduces the time of walking around and searching for a seat. It also helps them to order the food ahead of time, so that the amount of time of lining up and and waiting for the food to be prepped can be reduced too. Employees can chat in the messenger, and invite their coworkers to join their lunch or dinner by sending 1 quick and simple invitation; and this can help reducing the unnecessary back-and-forth emails.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

There's still lots of potential growth in this app. For example, if the company is not offering free meals to the employees, this app can also have the pay by phone option in the settings. Employees can choose whether to pay with credit cards on the phone or pay at the cashier when they pick up their food or even deduct the money from their pay cheques.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Since my idea is linking to my preview two ideas, so the core idea behind this would be: 1) Plantastic - offering employees a better and healthier food source. 2) The Perfecteria - offering employees a unique and fun place where they can enjoy the nature indoor, and a casual and comfort place to eat and meet. 3) RESERVED - offering employees an easier way to invite friends, and a better and simpler way to look for seats at the cafeteria.