Maximum integration of interactivity in the environment. No painful feeling of choice.


I want to save humanity from the painful feeling of choice. Not long before a meal based on a specific analysis software to determine what amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary to the employee at the moment. On the basis of these data, the program will offer a dish that satisfies the biological and psychological needs of workers. With the help of the application on the client phone chooses from suggestions by program. The suggestion program has selected based on the analysis of the general human condition, the complexity of the work done (perhaps lunch motivating him to greater returns, perhaps he needs a meal to enough strength to gym after work). Then your meal is prepared and issued special "mail" boxes in dinning room. The idea is that by using the interactivity of the interior as much as possible to bring together people with a similar mood. (Several rooms with different thematic video projections, sounds and smells). Wall video projectors also help to immerse the person in any environment: a dinner on the beach or in the woods, why not? This may be not a huge room, and several large rooms with different themes projections. Let's say in the first theme of the video projections - the tropics, in the second - the Alps, in the third foggy forest. Add to this the sound of the surf, the birds, the rustle of leaves. The campus is going to happen with the help of delivery boxes (you can watch them in the illustrations). A delivery drones will be used for freelancers. Pick up order will most likely need a roof in a special area, or at the entrance to the house. By 2025, the use of drones will be commonness. I think branding must be shown not in the objects of interior, but in the media interlayer design. For example divide the menu by the sport preferences. Or the slogans interweaving into projections.

Which target group is your concept for?

This concept for knowledge workers. But also it can be found for digital nomads. Who have no time to choice definite meal. Who don't like be disappointed by food.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

The program itself will recommend which room is best to dine based on preferences and social network user's search query (may he recently googled tour in Thailand and it will be offered to dine in the room with Asian-themed projections). The mobile app will analyze your schedule and other factors. Perhaps the answer a couple of questions.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Food unit visitors can see how vegetables are grown. Growing food is a part of the interior. Cooking is closed from the hall meals. But the process can be displayed on the wall projectors, which will let sink a man in process more stronger . Wall projectors also help to immerse the person in any environment: a dinner on the beach or in the woods, why not?

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

In order to save humanity from the painful feeling of choice. Remember the experiment with six banks jam. Choice between sixteen jars of jam is already a difficult task and can often end up with nothing. My concept offers to help weed out the majority of dishes considering factors that are not obvious. Being in the company of people close in spirit and mood during dinner.

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