Make the CHOICE and SENSE IT
A different way to experience food


SENSE IT is a smart food court, using digital and nature elements to function by itself. The system that makes SENSE IT functions with the purpose of making the ambience of the food court the most comfortable for the employees alongside with the areas and services efficency. The bracelets for CHOICE are connected to the system of SENSE IT, which means that everytime a person enters the food court SENSE IT will pick up the signal, this way there will be a register count of the amount of people inside the food court, and according to this number, SENSE IT system will adjust its settings so the ambience will be the most comfortable, for example the temperature of the space will change depending on the weather and amount of people, also the lights will adjust to the task in hand and SENSE IT will shut down by areas when no one is around and turn on again the moment it senses a bracelet. By using its digital senses, SENSE IT will create the perfect environment so employees can be at their best, and it will use sustainables energies to sustain itself.

Which target group is your concept for?

The production workers, SENSE IT and CHOICE function to make their experiences more satisfying and to remind them to relax.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

The goal of CHOICE is to personalize the individual experience of each employee. To change the way lunch time works, the employee must be included in the process instead of having it enforce. Thats why CHOICE was design with a set of features that will help the employees have a better food experience instead of just a lunch break: menu, schedule, suggestions, chat, fun facts and reminders The app will function via a bracelet with a hologram.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

  • Because the cores are separate from the canteens, they can be use for other purposes outside the eating schedules.
  • Also there’s the idea of having two or more breaks besides the main food experience.
  • If by the year 2025 the technology for 3D printing food has evolve to printing organic, healthy food, it is propose that SENSE IT applies this method for making food, that way time and costs can be reduced.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Everybody experience things through their senses. which is why SENSE IT appeals to each one of them, that way the experience of food doesn't begins and ends with taste. The idea is that the employee can submerge themselves in environments that exalt the other four senses; creating spaces that achieve the complete well-being of people. The principle of SENSE IT is to create a food court divided in 5 different environments: 1. Core, 2. See it, 3. Feel it, 4.Smell it and 5. Hear it.