Knowing Full Wellfull
Digital menu + onsite gardens & greenhouse + much more = transparency, connectivity & community!


Today's knowledge worker want to know not just what she's eating, but where it comes from, how it was sourced, and how it might aid (or harm) her health and wellness. And then she wants to share what she's learned with her colleagues -- and learn from them as well. Now she can!

From the on-site organic fruit & vegetable gardens and greenhouse, which workers will stroll past on their way to the dining areas, to the comprehensive menus listing the ingredients & complete nutrition info in each dish, there are no secrets because there is nothing to hide. Even the kitchen itself is transparent, both conceptually – you can watch the staff at work, preparing your lunch – and, with its glass walls, quite literally!

The menu is also reliant on a free flow of information. Many people today, especially those employed in the knowledge economy, want to know what they’re putting in their bodies, how they’re fueling their workdays. To simplify workers’ mornings and prevent “paralysis of choice,” lunch menus will offer just 3 – 5 different entrees per day. What they lack in selection, however, will be overshadowed by their creativity, quality, and transparency. Healthful, seasonal dishes inspired by national and corporate culture; full-time, well-compensated food staff; locally-sourced meats and grains; no secret ingredients. And only the successful, most popular dishes will be served regularly. How? Because the system will track which dishes are ordered most often and employees will rate their meals online, and those data will be tracked continually (more on that below).

How will it work? The process, in short: 1) Order online, including any special requests (e.g., allergies, dietary restrictions) 2) Choose when you’d like to eat and save yourself a seat, if you have a table preference 3) When your meal is just about ready, you’ll receive an alert on your phone and/or computer 4) Your meal will be delivered straight to the seat you selected. Enjoy!

Which target group is your concept for?

Knowledge workers

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

In addition to the ordering system described above, the company will also make all the data collected (e.g., highest rated meals) public and easy to access. This transparency both encourages participation in the process ("democracy in action") and engenders trust, an essential ingredient in any community. Connectivity from first click to final crumb!

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

  • Particularly health-conscious workers can link their accounts straight to any dieting app or fitness wearable they want, allowing for seamless connectivity(!). This would also come in handy for tracking the results of officewide health initiatives like team weight-loss competitions
  • Via the app, workers can also make notes on their own favorites, recommend meals to colleagues, or add public reviews, a la Yelp. The most useful or clever notes could even be included alongside menu items!

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

The core concept, transparency, is both literal and metaphorical. Most important, the employees – knowledge workers, in this case – can know as much as they want about the meals they’re eating, because all the information about the food and its preparation will be right there on the menu. The concept works on a second level as well: the walls of the structures involved (greenhouse, dining room, kitchen, etc.) are made of glass – in other words, literally transparent!

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