Gastronomy environment that is life-changing
We all eat. Lets put this "need" into environment that changes the way we live and work together.


We see gastronomy environment as a value chain that starts from preparing soil and planting seeds, to growing, caring about and collecting crops, processing them and cooking and enjoying food.

Teams can bond stronger and unleash creativity, if among "work" things they do in the office they can brainstorm, while cooking together, planting seeds in corporate green house in the campus, collecting crops or making flavour from grain at the corporate mill.

Colleagues appreciate sensation of discovery and learning, while they cook together with acclaimed chefs right in the lunch break, learning new ingredients, recipes and creating culinary masterpieces with their work team.

We believe teams will appreciate connection to their roots, if corporate campuses would feature domestic animals such as cows, chickens and company providing affordances to interact with and care for them.

We believe in personalisation experience, when everybody or every team will choose their own way how to prepare and eat food. And company will provide facilities to collect ingredients and process them based on open architecture.

When we were working on this idea, our team felt pleasant calming balance, when we allowed these concepts to flow into our world. Nowadays, companies are more digitalised than ever and keeping close connection to our roots and nature helps to keep us in BALANCE.

We have dreamed completely New World that can be started from changing the way people connect and interact with their food and its origins. The world of connection, sharing, exploring and discovering your true-self.

Which target group is your concept for?

Offices from 5 people to up to thousands.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

We believe in leaving digitalisation to Work area and enjoying food as a natural resource, improving the benefits of connection to our roots rather than digitalising our entire life. Food can detox us from excessive digitalisation and bring new ideas into digital world from the world of nature.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

How about having your very own office cow Isabella? Or Adidas Windmill in the campus? What about crop collection team-building event or joining to the chef to cook your lunch? You played FarmVille, what about having your very own farm in the office? Deto from digital work, breath in some rural beauty and come back energised with new ideas to boost your company competitive advantage.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

Channeling our human need to eat into environment that creates life-changing experiences for individuals, teams and organisations.

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