Geodeoponics and flowing ideas
As the water flow through the geodeoponics, so do ideas through the company


We combine architecture, technology, digital and design thinking to create a unique experience of co-creative processes and ideas generation through food, all of which happens in a context of planned serendipity. Our project proposal has three main elements:

• a technological one, the aquaponics installations;

• an architectural one, the geodesic domes;

• a digital design thinking one, the core application of the campus.

The unique fusion of aquaponics and geodesic domes create what we named geodeoponic domes, which separate an inner space, dedicated to sociality, from an outer space, assigned to production and storage. Our campus consists of various domes, that create different environment throughout the campus itself. Each of these environments has a peculiar function (inspiration, focus, brainstorming), coherent with the different necessities of workers in 2025.

This project is the result of a work done by an interdisciplinary team of service designers, biotechnologists, architects and electrical engineers, which based it on their ordinary work-style. The result of our work is a powerful inspiring food campus, build to make ideas exchange easy, flowing and liquid, as well as to become the center of the daily working experience.

Our digitalized system create a transparent environment, where all the experiences, the skills and the relationships inside the campus are tracked and accessible to every worker through the app. Our campus is designed through architecture, food experience, food production and interaction design to enhance all kind of resources, both cognitive (such as intuition, creativity and ideas exchange) and natural (fishes, microorganisms, plants, natural shapes). The water flow inside the domes, feeding the aquaponics installations, and the flow of ideas inside the company, feeds the innovative potential of the company itself.

Which target group is your concept for?

What will a working day be like in 2025? By that time, technology will take care of routine works, and providing new creative ideas will be a top priority for workers all around the world. Expecially for our target the knowledge workers.

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

The digital tools are intrinsically connected with the working day: they organize it and help the workers with their tasks, taking advantage of the unique environments created by the geodeponic domes. The digital platform will help to create instant teams made up of people from different departments of the company, but will also help to decide what kind of access there will be on each meeting and, finally, what kind of ideas will be discussed in these meetings.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

Our concept offers a surprising harmony between nature and man. The modular structure and the geometric proportions of the geodetic dome mimic some natural principles. Acquaponic use the ammonia produced by the fishes, using microorganisms to converte it in nitrates the water is enriched and used to feed the plants that grow on the surface of the domes. Our goal is to get back all those resources made so often obscure by disorder and information overload using biomimetic principles.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

This project aims to free the innovative potential hidden inside every worker of the company, creating an inspiring, pro-active and human-centered environment. Food becomes a primary element and, together with technology, promotes co-creative processes and ideas exchange between employees. This project transform the idea of work as a static sequence of task in a flowing creative act.