“A farming operation workplace – A receptacle of senses, inspiration, cognition and healthy”


-Many studies indicate that occupancy over period of many hours in the climate controlled spaces, for example working places can cause the employees easily lose their sensations to surrounding factors such as life, nature and environment. They are probably drowned in the boring shaped environment of offices and massive tasks of job. As a result, the workers cannot find inspiration and energy to recycle themselves in their job. Furthermore, the lacking flavor of lunchboxes seems to be another factor for the poor sensations of workers.

-Idea of this project is “Seasonal Sensations” in purpose of providing seasonal working environments, seasonal organic foods and seasonal activities into this farming operation workplace. This model is expected to achieve four results: healthy meals, an increase of inspiration, money, and low environmental impacts.

-All of seasonal programs such as fruits/vegetables’ gardens, studios, social dining, and recreational gardens will adapt to a grid system flexibly around a central seasonal community garden. Due to this mechanism, forms and spatial organization of occupied, ambiguous and open zones can be arranged easily to bring vitalization for the whole workplace, and curiousness and excitement for the users. In addition, meals from food products of the farm are seasonal lunchboxes for the workers who will cultivate and grow directly their farm.

Which target group is your concept for?

Both the knowledge workers and digital nomads

How does digitization & connectivity create a unique eating experience?

A seasonal farming workplace not only provides various inspiring working environments and healthy organic lunches for the employees but also is a place to can enjoy the agricultural jobs and seasonal activities on the farm after their working hours. Through this way, the communication between the employees together is improved. What is more, the connection between people and food products is also created. It means that people profoundly understand where and how the foods come from.

What other amazing features does your concept offer?

-The flexible adaptation of buildings and functional programs on the grid system. -The employees suit their own environment and their needs.

What is the core idea behind your campus food experience?

We leave much regard to the human working in the shaped environment and ecosystem of a small scale. Therefore, a farming workplace will be a perfect opportunity for the employees to learn the ecological mechanism of a farm. It means that the employees have behaviors to their environments through agricultural jobs and good cognition to impacts of their activities on ecosystem

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