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Leading companies in every industry are discovering that offering a great food experience in the workplace is a magnet for new talent and motivator for employees – giving the idea of corporate branding an altogether new flavor. For this project, you're asked to view food as an extension and expression of the company and its values and as a long-term investment in employee health and well-being.

adidas, Freudenberg, Hilcona, Markas in cooperation with atp-Architects are pioneers in the field of corporate gastronomy. They are striving to create cutting-edge food experiences in the workplace – merging taste, technology, and architecture. For this project, they have teamed up to envision the corporate campus food experience of 2025.

You are invited to share your vision of how we will eat in the workplace of tomorrow. Develop an exciting corporate campus food concept that shows how technology, connectivity, and digital services will enrich and change the eating process and the working experience as a whole.

This project is a part of the “Future of Food & Beverage” think tank that develops future scenarios for consumption, production, distribution, and communication in the food and beverages industry.

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