Art: Made by the Crowd

Co-Create an artwork on the subject “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between”.

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Co-Create an artwork on the subject “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between”.


Crowdsourcing, Crowd-Funding, Co-Creation: Creation and realization of creative ideas, with the help of the internet, is increasingly turning into a collaborative act. Ideas are searched for on a goobal scale, and are be vetted by the wisdom of the crowd. Fans and Friends help their favorite projects to their next album or launch through micro-donations. Artists like Aaron Koblin even let whole artworks arise by orchestrating the work of thousands of digital microtaskers.


Everyone is an artist, everyone can participate in art and through the internet, we can even do this collaboratively! How is this affecting art itself?


In preparation for Social Media Week Berlin (Sept. 19th to 23rd 2011), we, jovoto (plattform for collaborative ideation) and Startnext (Crowdfunding platform for artists, creatives and inventors) would like to experiment with you.


We want to facilitate the creation of an artwork: Collaboratively developed, funded by the crowd, and collectively enjoyed. 3 weeks of concept, 4 weeks of funding, 2 weeks of planning and exhibition.

Crowdsourcing + Crowdfunding = Cocreation


Can we do this? What will it be like?


In the upcoming 3 weeks you will be able to submit your artistic concepts on jovoto, they will be able to be viewed, commented and rated by others. The concept should have a connection to the theme described in the task description. If you are already working on this theme or related themes, you may certainly submit already existing concepts.


You can join forces in teams and you are invited to give each other feedback to constantly improve your concepts. Additional feedback will come from three advisors with experience in the fields of art and collaboration: Ela Kagel (Transmediale), Tobias Leingruber (Medienküstler), Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Foundation).

Task Definition

Develop an artistic intervention along the theme “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between. How is the internet changing the way we think about relationships and ‘the others’?


The space which is going to be the backdrop of your intervention will be a central hang-out space during Social Media Week - some sort of a lounge or café - so it is in itself a “social” space for meeting and talking.


What ever visitors of this space can expect is up to you: Will there be performances, will there be a technical interface to play around with, will they visitors be asked to do something or is it primarily and aesthetic experience? The theme “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between” is there to give you some guidance, but how you are going to conceptualize it is up to you.


It would be nice if you find a way to include visitors, so that the idea of creating something together becomes apparent. Think about how technical interfaces could help you enhance that participatory aspect.

Target Group

  • Social Media Week participants
  • Art/ Media Enthusiasts
  • Consider that visitors do not necessarily need to be in a physical location, but that they could become contributors through some form of engagement through the internet



  • Playful and with humour
  • Experimental, extraordinary
  • Enlightening
  • Do It Yourself
  • Animating, inclusive
  • Friendship, Relationship, Interaction

Mandatory requirements

Funding and Budget


The concept which is rated best by the community, will be realized during Social Media Week. To make this possible, we will turn to the crowd again and crowd-fund the project through the crowdfunding plattform Startnext.


We will have 4 weeks following the concept phase in which the goal is to find supporters for the idea. The success of the funding phase is crucial for the realization of the project, which is why your budget planning should be reasonable.


Overall, your costs should not exceed a budget of 3,000 EUR. This includes a 16.7% share of the budget to cover the expenses for the artist or team. Other costs to be covered include material, external services, and transportation costs as needed.


The concept chosen by the community will get support from LabTV <link> in producing a pitch video, which will be used during the funding phase.



Set up and  specifics of the space


The room with you intervention will be open to the public from  Sept. 19th to 24th. Since the exhibition will only last 5 days, this means set-up and dismantling should not be too complicated.


Set up and dismantling would therefor take place on the weekends before and after Social Media Week: Sept. 17th / 18th and Sept.  24th / 25th.


The artist or team will be responsible for setup and dismantling of the intervention. But they can count on helping hands! Images and details concerning the space will follow soon!


Presence of the artist or team


This project requires that the artist, team, or a representative, can be in Berlin for the time required. If you know you will NOT be able to be there in person, but you have a great idea, do try to join forces with someone in Berlin and form a team!



Presentation of your concept during concept phase


Your submission should consist of an image and a short written description. It should also include a rough calculation of your costs and materials needed. (See also: Funding and Budget)


Note to all partcipants - the 'Jury' in this project are not a real Jury - there is only the community choice, no jury prize. They will act as advisors and give you feedback on your ideas.

A camel is a racehorse designed by a committee; Einstein said that if an idea is not at first absurd, there is no hope for it - all absurd ideas are quashed by a committee - that is their function - to evaluate the others ideas.

Committees make rules - Invention is always the result of a single inventor breaking rules - otherwise it is design development.

Be careful of what you pray for - when the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers; most of the built environment of the last 100 years is design by committee - pretty dreadful!

Perhaps you should solicit individuals to also participate - and see the difference; if we are even capable of that any more.

I know, it's an exiting culture clash, isn't it? Is the wisdom in the crowd or in the genius inventor? Ideally, the genius inventor could share his or her ideas with the crowd? Hmm...

Also, the racehorse may be more elegant, more expensive, faster... but the camel is a survivor ;)

Nadine ! Cool concept :) Good luck from Poland !

The future of art itself!!! Made by a piece of each other!!! Damn I LOVE this contest!!! Collaboration is the heart!!! I'm right now in this Art Collab Project that will be placed this next 30 of july!!! Created with my lifetime friends, we got all together by internet , different types of concepts but following the same main idea of artistic scene protest!!! A long real story that is happening just now at my city Guayaquil in Ecuador!!! I will show you then!!! Great Nadine you bring this amazing open zone contest!!! Love it!!! :)

It is mandatory to include the calculation of costs and materials needed?

Not immediately in your first submission, but towards the end, yes, you should be able to roughly estimate what you need and what costs would arise..

(you can keep uodating your submission and the descriptions)

.... so if I'm not in Germany ... and really do not like working in groups ... I can participate just for fun?

Yes you may, of course! Can your ideas be used for inspiration?

Wie groß ist die Raumfläche, die man bespielen darf?

Richardo, Ich füge die Info zum Raum hinzu, so bald es geht. Spätestens Anfang nächster Woche werde ich ein paar Fotos und einen Raumplan haben, bis dahin bitte noch nicht zu sehr ins Detail gehen, sondern aufs grobe Konzept konzentrieren. Der Raum wird auf jeden Fall nicht 'winzig' sein.

powerful contest. i'm really looking forward for amazing ideas!

Hello! I still owe you more information about the room we are talking about here.

It is long overdue, because actually 2 spaces are still in discussion.

One is a bar / gallery space just behind Kino International:;hl=en&amp;ll=52.520203,13.423018&amp;spn=0.007534,0.01929&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=40.052282,79.013672&amp;z=16

The other option is Planet Modulor on Moritzplatz:

In both cases, the room will have a glass window front of about 3 meters for you to use. Ideally, you could make use of this space so something is also visible from the outside.

The roofs are also about 3 meters high, and your installation could extend into the room at least 2 meters. (I guess this is negotiable, it depends on how the installation is able to interact with the rest of the room)

Can you live with that information for now?

Gratulations Anna and Maya! Good luck for realisation!