A piece of each other!


Basic Idea


The project starts with a first point, line, or small draw for the people to continue it. Each person will be able to select the section that would like to continue in the artwork collaboration masterpiece.


It's like a collaboration game I used to play with my closer artist best friends, we used to take a blank paper and some of us make a first fast draw, then the paper goes to the other person to continue drawing; this happens until the page gets full, so, finally you get an amazing collaboration artwork.


This will be done and work as the same but in the online platform of the project linked with social networks.


Imagine an artwork made by a lot of people around the world, creating, sharing, interacting and having fun developing a global collaboration masterpiece.


Basic Features


1.- The online platform will be showing LIVE the artwork drawn so far.

2.- Every time the artwork gets bigger, the platform artwork space will do it as well.

3.- The users can see the whole artwork with zoom in - zoom out options.

4.- Users just have to click in the artwork part that they would like to add their creation.

5.- The users will get a determine area to make their parts fit perfect with that section of the whole artwork.

6.- The platform with alert users if the selected area is taken for them to know they have lo look for another artwork part.

7.- The time to fill your selected artwork part shouldn't be to long(e.g. 24hours), in that way the project can have fast updates of the general artwork view. This will give a feeling of a LIVING global collab artwork. Every day a piece of each other.

8.- You can create your part in different ways:

� In the online platform Art app
� In your own computer programs as Adobe SC
� In a common paper and the scanning to upload

9.- The whole project can have an "end" time for then take everything to reality also, this means:

� A GIGANTIC URBAN PRINT or LIVE URBAN SCREENING to show the global collab artwork project to the world.
� An expo with all the "I.YOU.HIM.HER.THEM. US pieces of each other", separated creating a whole art environment inside some big gallery or museum.

10.- Also the project has to include all the upcoming things and issues from the social networks, this is a really interesting point where new stuff will born for sure.

I think this global artwork project just need an Online platform and app,
Social Network connections and of course the creators, the people, artists.

Budget and supplies

Main Important


- Online platform


            Project possible names(.com/.org)

                        - IYOUMEHIMHERTHEMUS

                        - THEBIGBANGARTPROJECT

                        - WEAREALLARTIST


                        Any suggestion? :)


- App (for smartphones, tables, desktop)


Calculation cost $30000

(app $20000 - online platform $10000)



Additional options

- An urban digital screen wall installation


Outdoors urban rooms (with online location tags) where users will find a digital multi-touch screen wall to create their artwork part from the entire global collaborative artwork project.


- Urban street walls


1.- Include artworks made in street walls continuing the selected part in  the entire global collaborative artwork project. The users will have to reserve the area in the online platform and then upload a photo of the urban street wall final artwork with the online location tag.




(For artist)


Define a general artwork(maybe a final draft) to split it in several pieces to start paint them around the city in different urban street walls(users will select their parts in the online platform or with the app to reserve them for painting). At the end the different pieces will be gather all together(with online location tag also) to create and show at the online platform(maybe in a gallery as well) the entire final master piece created for this global collaborative art project.


(For audience people)


The users will have to look for them to complete the artwork in the app and then discover how the entire masterpiece matches together with each part creating the global collaborative art project.


Additional calculation cost $35000

(multi-touch screens $30000 - outdoor urban rooms $5000).

Inspiring reference links: