Never ending story
An open source story that keeps branching in multiple story threads submitted online and chosen by votes.


The project starts with an initial �idea�. This will be an open-ended story told as a comic strip without any text on an A4 page. During the first day of the exhibition the page is displayed, blown up of course for display. People �read� the story at the exhibition and online, then submit their own proposals for a continuation of the story, in any style as long as it is still a picture only comic strip A4 page long. This could be done during, say the first sixteen hours from the start of the exhibition. These are submitted and displayed online. For the remaining eight hours of the day people vote online for their favourite continuation to the initial story, and the four most popular post are displayed as alternate continuations to the initial story on the start of the second day.

On the second day, people read the four alternate threads and again submit continuations for whichever threads they prefer online, for voting similar to the procedure on the first day. This time around on the third day of the exhibition, the thread with the most proposal submissions gets awarded with its five most popular alternate continuations which are displayed at the exhibition. The thread with the second most proposal submissions is awarded with its four most popular alternate continuations. The thread with the third most proposal submissions is awarded with its three most popular alternate continuations. The thread with the least proposal submission is awarded with its two most popular alternate continuations.

On the third day, people read through the latest submissions and again post online their proposed continuations for voting at the end of the third day. At the start of the fourth day, the previously most popular thread which had been awarded five new threads, has each of its threads awarded either one up to five new alternate continuations each, based on popularity. The second most popular thread with four new alternate endings, has each of the alternate endings awarded with one to four new threads each, based on popularity. This go on down to the least popular thread with two alternate continuations that is awarded one and two alternate continuations for each of the treads based on popularity.

This system continues until the end of the exhibition. The idea is to operationally and visually capture the theme. The project will create fans of the work, followers of the work, collaborators of the work, foes of the work across different branches, and everything else in between. As the project progresses individuals across the globe will coalesce online into groups supporting each other, only for all of these groups to split into more co-operational groups competing at different levels. All of this will be captured visually at the exhibition venue where all the chosen work is displayed on one huge wall. It will start with one dot in the centre of the initial story, and grow with time to four branches and from each of those branches more and more branches in turn. Visual effects can be applied to the presentation to be more informative, for instance the geographical locations of story locations can be colour coded and so on. At the end an artwork will be created by the collaboration and the collaboration itself will have been captured visually as an artwork.

An alternative is two have two concurrent and independent projects, one for images outlined previously and another one for a page long text only story, undertaken along the same procedure as the images.

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