Now Showing How
Take a micro-internship / give a micro-internship. This installation invites friends, foes, fans, followers, and everyone in between to exchange expertise.


Everybody knows something that's valuable to somebody else. And everybody wants to know something that they don't know already.

Whether it's the pros and cons of a root canal, how to rewire a lamp, or where to find flatbread in your neighbourhood, a healthy social infrastructure channels knowledge. In the most resourceful and inventive circles, friends, foes, fans, followers, favourites and forgottens come together to surface expertise on cue.

Now Showing How : Praktikum Lab recruits members of the crowd into the installation as mentors or interns. Mentors extend their influence by passing on knowledge, interns broaden their skills, and Art: Made by the Crowd creates a mechanism of knowledge transfer, which is, well, made by the crowd.

How it works

At the venue entrance, crowd members review a list of current internships and a call for mentors. Crowd members enter either through the 'I want to learn how' (intern) lane or the 'I can show you how' (mentor) lane.

The 'I can show you how' lane leads to an area where Now Showing How staff support the mentor in defining a micro-internship to pass on his/her skill.

Once defined, the internship is displayed on the 'now showing how board' and the internship gets a temporary space in the installation. Members of the crowd who enter through the 'I want to learn how' lane are guided (depending on personal interest and availability) to the internship space. After successful completion, interns get a wearable and digital badge attesting to their newly acquired knowledge.

After successful delivery, mentors gets a badge with their name, the title of the micro-internship, a QR code and short URL where they can claim a digital badge containing the same information. Mentors may decide to post the digital badge, inviting friends, foes, fans, followers (and everyone in between) to join the installation.