virtual seance: ask a question, and the collective spirits will answer.


anyone can ask worldwideouija a question, and whomever else is logged on at the moment can nudge the pointer(planchette) around via a modified white board application. every second that passes, the pointer will get heavier and harder to move.  after about thirty seconds it will rest somewhere on the board and that letter or symbol will be added to the display screen.  

people can type in questions at our public installation, at home or office over internet, or from any mobile phone.  anyone who installs the mini whiteboard application can also participate in nudging using directional arrow keys.  

only one question handled at a time, so there may be some waiting during peak hours.  but watching other people's questions being answered is part of the fun, and your input via arrow keys helps determine the answers. questioners will be emailed their question and response as a souvenir.

particularly poignant or funny questions/answers will be printed and displayed in the public space.

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