ctrlalt.de – find creative ways to restart your vision
CtrlAlt.de comes as you may guess from Ctrl Alt Del. It will be devoted to alternative culture, which the people are going to create together, sharing everything which makes them restart their understandings of something


The domain ctrlalt.de was bought from me with the initial idea to use it for something provocative and geeky. I knew that a lot of people will find it easy and most of them will be digitaly natives. After long thinking about the best transformation of CtrlAlt.De(l) to something different, I decided it will be Cultural Alternative, and will focus on the thing surrounding us as digital media or examples of human creativity, which makes us change our mind or cross boundaries we have never crossed. I thought a while about the proper concept of how to organize it and here is what I'd like to try:

  1. First, I'll add all my example of totally provocative and creative things, throwing you gountlet to change your mind about things you have never thought about. For example � look at the picture I have provided � it is from unknown Bulgarian artist, who decided anonimously one night to paint the monument of the Soviet army as a popular cartoon and movie heros. It raised a lot of attention, a lot of political, cultural and etc debates, and went to the news of many international medias. The guy, as it was revealed � a young Bulgarian, who emigrated from Bulgaria, is still keeping his anonimity(and will be sued for vandalism, if caught from the city authorities).

  2. I plan to invite all the creative people I can find to join me sharing their vision and experience about what they find turning their mind. The way I'd like to organize this is the next:

    - The material can be articles, pictures, paintings, music � just everything you may find suitable

    - All the materials will belong to their authors and will be published under proper license(CC maybe)

    - Every author will keep his right to pubish in his article avertising links, banners or whatever he finds suitable he wants to promote. In other words � the ad-space in your articles is yours

    - If we manage to earn some money from advertising, thei will be split proportionally to all the authors, accorting their contribution (% of all visits to the sites)

    - As much we share on the blog, as many people will come and see all the rest, so being together will bring us more:)

    - Everyone will keep his right to promote, sell it or re-publish his work it in the way he'd like to, with no restrictions from the site

The rest I plan is once we gain some criticall mass, to start inviting famous influencers from different areas, which can share their thoughts what is the thing revealing them new creative horizons they'd like to share with the world, or what they'd like to turn upside down and see it from different perspective, with the help of the community.We can organize together creative contests, blog-challenges, or any art and community experiments we may find interesting for us.

What I'd like to challenge the community of Social Media Week Berlin is to find suitable examples of what the'd like to publish on ctrlalt.de, and what are the creative formats they'd like to engage the community with � like questions, quick challenges, something in 'quickie' format, something demanding more thinking, or something demandin more collaboration or getting to know each-other � things like that.

About the budget � I plan to try making this project constantly self-fund itself, via non-standard promotions of some brands, or just via standard advertising. For its design I'd offer someone just to do it and use credential for his work forever, eg � advertising of his portfolio and projects. However, for engaging some larger community and polishing the initial strategy and turning the whole project to work, I'd need some financing about 1000E

I'll try to host the domain asap and add my first insights to it the next few days

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