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A Crowd-Art Experiment

Can we co-create an artwork, making use of both crowdsourcing and crowdfunding along the way? We are about to test this!


What's the idea and how does it work?


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The theme

Develop an artistic intervention along the theme “Friend, Foe, Fan, Follower and everything in between. How is the internet changing the way we think about relationships and ‘the others’?

This intervention will be presented during Social Media Week Berlin in September - you will have a space, some sort of a lounge or café - as your exhibition space.

To participare, read the Briefing, submit your ideas or collaborate with others!

Thank you to our partners and advisors

During the concept phase, you will get feedback and guidance from

We also thank 2010Lab.tv for supporting by helping the author of the winning concept produce a pitch video which will be used during the funding phase. Further we thank Crowdsourcingblog.de for following and writing about the process as well as artconnect berlin for helping us spread the word!

Project Jury