About the project

Change the world – step by step. Here´s a meaningful ecological challenge for you.

The Problem 

The production of cheap meat is jointly responsible for the biggest environmental problems of our time, such as climate change, deforestation, extinction and the pollution of the air, soil and water as a result of the risky cultivation of genetically-modified plants. The cultivation of genetically-modified (GM) plants like GM-soya has massive ecological repercussions. On the GM soya fields all plant life is destroyed, only the genetically-manipulated plants survive the massive use of pesticides. Numerous toxic effects on soil and water organisms are already known, and there is increasing evidence of the danger to mammals – as well as to human beings. Inhabitants of the cultivation regions, such as South America, are usually completely unprotected and exposed to the chemicals sprayed from airplanes.

The Background

Following a big Greenpeace campaign in 2000 McDonald’s was one of the first companies to stop using chicken meat that has been produced with genetically-modified animal feed. But protecting the environment became too expensive for McDonald’s. This year McDonald’s Germany took a U-turn, deciding it is cheaper to use GM soya for feeding animals. The consumer is often left unaware because the fact that genetically-modified feed has been used to feed the animals does not have to be shown on the labels of the milkshakes, eggs, burgers and chicken nuggets.

The Aim

Greenpeace wants to convince McDonald's, as Germany’s biggest fast-food chain, to take the bold step and permanently improve its production standards for meat and particularly chicken. Foregoing the use of genetic engineering would be a first important step and a relatively simple step towards sustainable meat production. 

The aim of the project is to attract attention to the problem of GM-animal feed via digital and analog channels and to thereby increase the pressure on McDonald’s, in order to encourage the fast-food giant to forgo the use of genetically-modified animal feed in poultry farming – once again. 

The Task

Based on the topic of McDonald’s and its use of chicken meat produced with genetically-modified animal feed (e.g. in chicken burgers and chicken nuggets), come up with an intelligent, critical and emotionally moving campaign visual incl. slogan

The Jury

The official project jury will be announced on October 1st!

The Prize Pool

There´s a total prize pool of €8,000. Divided in community prizes for the best ideas as well as 3 jury awards (incl. license fee) of €1000 each.  

We are exited to see your awesome ideas for this meaningful challenge!



The legal responsibility for the task and contents defined above lies solely with Greenpeace e.V. (Hongkongstraße 10, 20457 Hamburg/Germany). Greenpeace reserves the right to remove and delete submissions upon their own measures which violate statutory provisions. Any such submissions will not take part in the competitive bidding process.

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