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Become a designer of the Microsoft Limited Edition Artist Series!


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Really interesting contest XD can't wait to finish the design

Wow! That's a great step from Microsoft to join Jovoto! Hope more contests comming up soon! :-)))))

:) Art mouse :)~~ Good luck for all from Poland !

The '' pdf -template mouse '' is missing the entire mouse model ?.

Hi there! The template includes a mouse, no model though. We'll see if we can update that.

Ok ! Thank You . Good luck Dora !

Good luck to me? Thanks! :)

Dear creatives!

It's on! I am very excited about this project and can't wait to see all your design solutions! But before, there are two things I would like to ask you:

1 - Don't forget to upload a slide showing the design in a square format (without a mouse) as well! (As mentioned under "Task Definition")

2 - I think we can't repeat this enough: It is very important that you only use your own creations! Any Stock material is an absolute no go! We are talking about The next Microsoft Limited Edition Artist Series - with the designer's signature on it!

If you have any other questions, hit me up!

Have fun!!

How many designs are we allowed to submit?

Hey there! Everyone can submit up to 5 designs. Have fun!

Gibt es für den Contest eine Altersbeschränkung? | Is there an age limit for this contest?

Hey there! Thanks for your inquiry! According to our Terms of Use, for a minor to create an account, we need a guardians consent. I'll write you via private message with more details. Best, Jess

Really fun to see your designs coming in!

Just one small tip from me on the side:

Use the creative freedom this project offers and try to see yourself more as an artist than "only" a designer of a new mouse! If you have a look at the already existing ones from the series, you will get a good understanding and see how those artist bring their own personal style into it!


Agreed Dora :)

i have also another point, is the task not even more about creating a surfache/plane design? not too focused on the mouse!? so some ideas actually work good on a mouse, but not that good on a plane, like for a desktop-wallpaper, i think that should be considered here too! good to you all!

It is american or european contest?

hi there! what is it exactly that you would like to know? :)

I would know if needed the special form for american competitions for this one. And i would know why my ratings are under review and are currently not factored into the overall rating score. So my profile blocked.

I will send you a pm :)

Is this project a recyling area for designs fron the Victorinox contest? I wouldn´t care if they´d come from the particular persons who uploaded those in the knife contest but I see other designers very much inspired by some patterns - guess that´s not the way it should be ;-/

yeah I noticed that too!

Youre right goforit. I also asked for using a design from a contest nearly a half a year ago but every design is bound to a contest for a half a year to its first uploaded project. So i think there will be a big problem with such reuseings. . .

That is correct. Everyone who has participated in a project surely read our terms of use which states that "The user undertakes, for a period of six months following submission of the idea, not to exploit this idea in other ways, or to cede or offer it to any third party." So anyone who "reused" a design has been reminded of that. I do not see a lot of these to be honest, so please let me know if there are some issues, just drop me a pm. Thanks!

We must challenge ourself to be creative during any design contest.

agree goforit, what a shame!! I really expected a spectacular contest :(

Hi soph! Are we going to see some ideas from you? :)

Hi Dora, of course I'm working in some ideas to show in this contest, i will submit in this week, by the way my comment is to explain that some ideas are recycling from last contest and it is not my intention to offend any participant, I just do not agree with using old illustrations for a new contest, I hope you understand me :)

yes I do. We had a discussion about this above on here :)

Looking forward to see your ideas then!

You are right, SophD. Although it is hard, we must try our best on new design!

I have a question, it is necessary to develop only drawing for a mouse or still wallpaper? Thanks

Hey! As the briefing asks for, we would like to see both the design on the mouse AND the design (only) in a square format! Nothing changed there! Cheers! :)

Ok, ok... thanks :)


What a happy guy here! SOO nice to read :)))

I agree! Thanks for spreading some happiness! :D

great contest :D, i'll working hard :D

cool! looking forward to see! (but rather have more fun with it than work too hard! ;))

I love this contest :) Work everyday on it :)

Roller coaster time!!!!

yes!! do you allready look at the votings, guides? i got bashed a lot.

hi there! yes we are doing rating monitoring. and will keep on doing it!

Hi all!

I have some good news for you: We had a feedback talk with a happy client yesterday!

They pointed out 2 things that are important, which you should consider for the time left:

1 - The most important part of your submission is the design itself- so please show it in a slide without anything else - just the design only! Of secondary importance is the design on the mouse as an example.

2 - Playing around with the logo / brand CI is not very well received. So once again: Try to see yourself as an artist for this task! They would like to see your artworks!

Keep on going folks! :)

Sad we can only submit 5 entries! :(

but there are so many cool projects coming up I guess it's better that way :)

Oooor, if you have an idea you can always collaborate with someone ;)

does anybody of you have the link to teh facebook-group of this microsoft contest? i just saw it somewhere

:)))) i saw the projects....very funny, i think it s not a contest for longboard .is it? hipster designers, wake up, something more interesting

help!! coding problems!!!

Wow, there are so many great entries in this contest! I´m envious of all your skills. :D

Newly uploaded images are not previewing... :(

I can't see the preview Pictures of some ideas ! What's going on here ?

I do not see a lot of ideas .....=( This is some sort of system error = (((( Hopefully in Monday fix it.

I was just about to write because of bashing.. My rates droped within short time more than 20 places... Dora / Jess / Jesko: could check it pls?!

sorry, I meant "could you guys pls check it?"

And bashing is still going on.. 4 times bashed within short time, my ranking dropped over 40 places :-( This is really going bad :-(

I dropped 60 or more places in just one day with my first mouse.. I wondered about it but didn't know if this is normal because I'm new. Seems not?

keep calm.. they will make rating monitoring the next days. its weekend.. its normal..

how lovely))))))))))) I was ''missing it''..

I dropped 120 places in just 8 hours! I had call the Jovoto-Team and they told me thats normal that very much users create fake accounts.... very sad :( I hope the community is fixing it. Sorry for my bad english!

i uploaded an idea, but no main slide is shown. ...encoding in process... since 15 minutes ??? seems i am not the only one.

Hey banse, we're working on fixing it now! Hold tight, and thanks for your patience!

Sorry for the encoding difficulties guys! We are on it!

allright. thank you.

Thanks for the last minute submissions guys! Don't worry about the encoding - the images will be shown soon! There is no need to re- upload anything :)

Oh that's bad.... was wondering why the ratings keep dropping... :(

the crazy thing is: it is not necessarry. he has done a good job! inviting friends or create accounts is not nice...

exactly! That's what I think... that's a great work.... why that behavior? I just wanted to share this with the serious comunity members....

Hey Everyone!

We know the rating roller coaster- And we're doing rating monitoring!

So please have patience and if you have community members with rating behavior that you think is unfair, **Send the project guide a private message.

You're allowed to let us know what you think, but let's not turn the briefing page into a witch hunt. A private message will do!

**Also, please note, community member's ratings when they have less than 150 Karma points are not counted. So please take this into consideration when observing rating behavior.

Thanks, Jess

WWow it is some 1000 ideas here, craazy! Dora and Jess - you are heroes, so difficult contest for you :)

the poor person which decides to buy only ONE idea!!! :D :D :D

Nice Project :) i saw it too late :(

Aw, what a pity! We'll have more new public projects for you to participate in soon though :-) Best, Jess

mad contest here !! its hard enough to cast votes, let alone monitor them?! good luck to all !! LOOOADS of great ideas to choose from !! :)

so many new registrations shortly before the end of the projects, very strange!! keep eyes on them!

What a great comp. literally so many great works to choose from :)

yes and only two hours left =) yehaaaa!! i think the jovoto team has a lot to do with rating monitoring :/

Agreed. Also the amount of entries is outstanding. Good luck to all :)

Woooohooooo There are too many works of art, this contest is full of real artists and excellent taste, good luck guys :)))))

any news when this will be closed?

how long must we wait to find out the results?

We're working on it :-) The project will be closed either tomorrow or at the start of next week. Thanks for your patience!!

big congrats to all the winners, excellent contest :))

congrats to all the winners!!!

Congrats to all the winners : )

Congratulations to all winners!!!

Congratulations to all winners!! also to many participants with great ideas here!!

Congratulations to all the winner and the wonderful work!

congrats for all the winner! very awesome art in this challenge!

Congrats! to all the winners.. great artists among the Jovoto creatives.. :)


Congrats to all the winners!

Hi, Any word from the client?

Hi Uvin! Not yet, we will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

I think the client loves the 11th place! is that right?


Hey Xavier, I'll answer under all of your comments ;) Whenever we get the go from a client on a licensed idea or Client Choice, we let you guys know straight away! Have no fear, if there is any news you will know :D Best, Jess

xavier! drink a beer and relax! microsoft is a big concern, so they need a long time for decision!

Dear participants!

Thanks for your patience. As Jess also said it (thanks Jess!), whenever we get to know something from the client's side, we will definitely let you know straight away.

So here I am with news from Microsoft: Unfortunately they won't be licensing an idea from this particular project.

But here is a very positive message and **thank you from their side:

"It was truly inspiring to see a breadth of incredible designs being submitted by the Jovoto community. We find it important for us to constantly engage the creative community for inspiration. Jovoto has been a great forum for us to do so. We look forward to future collaborations and thank you for everyone who has participated in this project. "**