GoodMood Mouse
This is MORE than a cover design! This is a Mouse which maintains your good mood!


Special edition with funny cover designs is a good but not sufficient strategy to win the competition in such products as iconic Apple mouse! Microsoft should offer to the market something Special - to not look ridiculous! 

That's why  we go out of the box and offer Big Idea of ??a new Mouse!

In addition to the ergonomic design and eco-friendly materials, the mouse has the technology to maintain a good mood!

The mouse is equipped with a Activity Sensor . When you spend working  more than an hour, Activity Sensor sends a vibration to your arm. Vibrate recalls that you need to do a little time off and relax. Feeling the vibration, you can take a short break - make some fitness excercize, play board tennis, or make some drink.

Activity Sensor works as follows: 1 per minute fixed, whether committed by the arm movement. If the movement was, the program said that you worked all this minute. An hour of work is consistent with 60 minutes, when it was made at least one move per minute. This calculation is different from chronological and determines actual hour worked.

The mouse is also equipped with a Wellness Sensor. Indicator measures your temperature and blood pressure. If the data are not normal, the sensor sends you the sound signal. After receiving the signal, you can relax and take measures to restore your  being.

Wellness Sensors are built into the top panel of the mouse and measure the data from the surface of the wrist, were located on the mouse. The measurements are made automatically once an hour.

This is the first mouse, which helps combat problems of a sedentary lifestyle! Making small breaks and watching the state of the body, you will be in a good mood and will not be subject to stresses from sedentary lifestyle!

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