A Journey of 'Smileboat' To Islands of Fantasia
My journey to Fantasia with a Smile'boat' . A land where everyone Dreams to go :


I often ask myself this -

My Question - "Where do you want to go today ?"

My Answer Will definitely be - "To Fantasia".

;) :)

A nostalgia of 'Microsoft' Company's Slogan is what prompts me to innovate this 'idea' convert into a illustration.

As seen in previous Updates -

The Mice is a medium. Useful in the navigation

The User is the Creator and Commander

The 'Question' arises

The 'Answer' being answered

I link it to the Company's old forgotten image of - "Where do you want to go today?"

The Microsoft Mice (Artist Series) -  A Journey of 'Smileboat' To Islands of Fantasia is a Special Tribute to this Epic era.


It gives me a very nice feeling of exploring more and more in deep 'thoughts' :)

It is day... and the color is showing its effect... slowly as I sail.. improvising my eternal thought. So far, it appears now better to me that I can live with a ongoing smile on my face :) My 4 updates now include a upgraded version of the whole idea of a journey, surprisingly has no horizon in the visual effect shown of Smileboat's journey.. 

My second update of Smileboat is enhanced with further more colorization with original idea.

2nd Update -

The new visuals talk about my expression of seeing more immense variety of color with idea origination. Hence, came up with a upside down view. Where I almost liked and loved the options available to me in combinations. Was a bit difficult to choose the final ones to upload... :( But, finally was content with what was chosen. Will soon come up with additions related to this idea. As this voyage is in the middle...My thoughts are sometimes rough as the water in sea, days and nights, I 'am lost and found... yet, one has to Keep surfing keep sailing!! as the Sun shines again every morning... :))

Tagline presently for Concept Idea - Smileboat - Mice - " Keep Surfing, Keep Sailing, Keep Smiling"

3rd Update - 

Hi All,

In this update I have expressed myself to find a 'Answer' to my 'question' As I finally see the Islands of fantasia... As I said in the beginning that those '?' marks do certainly mean to me something. Based on this thought process.. I revolved around to find a answer. It was not really a easy sailing though, compassionate it was and succeeded this stage converting it to lot of passion and strength, courage I have in me. I also said that I would see possibilities wherever the Mice takes me. 'The Mice' here became the medium for 'surfing' and generating the creative thought of fantasy land. And so, it definitely has taken me to the Isles. :) where I always dreamt of being there.. I anchor my thoughts of Smileboat's Journey to Fantasia has indeed being  a memorable one for me. :)

'For every Question there is an 'Answer' :) Fantasia Isles is a place where one finds all the answers. The Mice being the medium. So, surf around and bring all the sunken treasures of your curiosity to 'surface' :)

The visual talks about mainly linking - questions, answers, little cursors.

Now, wonder 'What happened to the Smileboat?'

Well, it is the Mice. Possess One and You will smile all the way (:)

My Latest Update includes -

The Cursor mania, where I have shown many multiple cursors swimming  in our deep thoughts.. I collide them with my thinking. And navigate myself to the curious and beautiful World of Fantasy. Hence, the 'cursor' becomes a bold 'icon'.


I have juxtaposed and mixed the same 'idea' to bring out a different effect. The 'cursor' being the main ingredient. Tried to stylize. and was able to do this which I quite liked. I liked the way the cursor 'navigates' the 'User' to reach to a penultimate stage. :)


Hi All,

I have added a Artist's 'brush' as the main element to this formation of this 'idea'.  I made an attempt to only enhance the overall look of the illustrative artwork. Surprisingly, it took a form of a gaint fish.. a smiling one. :)) I was happy with the kind of direction it gave me. I now really believe that the artwork (idea) has passed many stages, is successful to a certain extent and finally thought it was the right time for me to stop working on this. :)

Thank You All very much once again for having a look at my creation and appreciating.

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